Churchill's Political Career Essay

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Historical Investigation

The dynamic perceptions of Winston Churchill have changed significantly over the course of the past century. Not only has Churchill himself been exposed to the eyes of different entities prior to, and post his life, but his political career has as well been under microscopic evaluation and observation. Thus, creating an environment in which many differing perceptions are forced to coexist and the construction of 20th-century political history is therefore compromised in regard to it’s accuracy. Churchill pursued a long political career (1900-1955) in which he served as Home Secretary, First Lord of the Admiralty, British Secretary of State for War, Chancellor of the Exchequer and the British Prime Minister, twice. His career involved three phases; His rise to power, His reign of power, and His loss of power. The perception of Churchill, as one of the forefront leaders of the 20th century, has been transitional in modern and post-modern times due to his actions, societies perceptions and attitudes, and the changing nature of the way historians view the world.

Plan for main body paragraphs:

Paragraph 1 - Rise to power.
Topic sentence - The ascent of Winston Churchill’s political career has been thoroughly analysed and, although the information is important in understanding the ideologies and strategies that Churchill implements later in life, it did not significantly add to the overarching perception of Churchill as a strong leader.
Main points.
Give back story to the life Churchill.
Introduce his political beliefs and ideologies.
Address his popularity and/or lack of at different times.
Analyse how 3 different historians have represented his early life/political start.
Analyse how sources...

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