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Churchill The Lion Who Roared Essay

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Churchill: Leader and Statesman

Wilson Churchill was a leader that was not afraid to stand in the front, with all the answers in hand and had a trail of willing followers.

“He was the lion who roared when the British Empire needed him the most.”

Elected into the parliament at merely the age of 25, he began his political career as a statesman in the House of Commons. He later was promoted to serve as First Lord of the Admiralty, Minister of Munitions, Chancellor of Exchequer and finally became the Prime Minister of England. Having to hold many position during his long career, this has provided him a vast knowledge to prepare him as the Prime Minister.

Churchill was known for his caring personality and this was shown the way he engages his staff. He made it business to poke in all aspect of his work and cleverly knew how to fully engage his junior staff to gather information. He was know to always be “here, there and everywhere.” Many scholars have in fact labeled him has an effective leader because of his tremendous skill to inspire people, far and strategic visionary, his untiring passion and lastly his levelheaded personality.

Churchill’s value and work rules are simply to be admired and a lot can be learned from. His simplistic approach in using open, honest and direct communication was one of his strongest skills. He used it a maximum effect to get things his way in the most positive manner he could think of. He knew how to communicate well and was not afraid to conduct them in person. He knows when to use his honest thoughts, push through his ideas and used his emotional intelligence correctly. One of his finest moment in using open, honest and direct communication when he had a private chat with Chamberlain. “He asked Chamberlain whether he would agree to invite Lloyd George into the government … both also knew that LLloyd George hated Chamberlain – which was, out of loyalty, Churchill had to consult Chamberlain.” (p.g. 178)

Following the above sample, this also showed Churchill’s extreme loyal and supportive of his colleagues and superiors. He is a good team player. He set an infectious example to his team. ‘Although he is known to push his subordinates to work as hard as him, they still loved him.’ (D.Nutter’s lecture). Churchill was a man of his people; his inspiring speeches encouraged the British people to be courageous and hopeful in a time of despair. His famous quote was “Never, never, never give up”. Churchill was a visionary who brought about major changes.

Together with his determination, Churchill was really passionate about his role. He took it seriously and carefully juggled the balance between power and greed. His clever use of words portrayed his passion and perhaps the best example of Churchill’s passion is found in some of the words that he used to inspire people and battle defeatism: “I am convinced that every man of you would rise up and tear me down from my place if I were for one moment to...

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