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Becoming A Dental Hygenist Essay

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Did you know that a dental hygienist could make a slightly large mistake without asking a simple question? Well they can, the most common question is if their patient would like one or more crown placed in there mouth at a time. In order to succeed as a dental hygienist everyone is required to go to either a two or four year college and major in dental hygiene. Many people believe that it is easy to be a dental hygienist because they think that all that is required to do is clean teeth, but its actually quite difficult. Making sure the patients have excellent oral care is very important

The requirements of becoming a dental hygienist requires many different types of schooling. Dental hygienists can earn their education through community college, universities, technical colleges, or even dental schools (“Dental Hygienist” American para. 13). If attending a community college it takes approximately two years to complete all courses (“Dental Hygienist” American para. 13). The graduates of community colleges receive an associate degree (“Dental Hygienist” American para. 13). Many dental hygienists enroll in a two year college, but the best jobs go to the ones who have earned their four year bachelor’s degree (“Dental Hygienist”What’s para. 14). Usually hygienists need an associates degree for dental hygiene. Before graduating college you must be properly licensed, all states require licensing(“Dental Hygienists” para. 3). Every state has a requirement for a dental hygienist to be licensed; although, requirements may vary due to the state they are licensed in (“Dental Hygienists” para. 25). Bachelor’s degrees are not occasionally given but are available for hygienists (“Dental Hygienists” para. 17). Almost every state requires a dental hygienist to pass the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination and state-authorized licensure examine, or they will be ineligible to graduate (“Dental Hygienist” American para. 18). The state that a dental hygienist practices in decides where they need a license for (“Dental Hygienist” What’s para. 13). Many college students studying in dental hygiene study physiology, anatomy, nutrition, radiology, and periodontology (“Dental Hygienists” para. 19). Hygienists can continue additional training in business administration, basic science, or public health/ marketing after completing a program (“Dental Hygienists” American para. 16). If anyone attends a university for dental hygiene, they can receive a baccalaureate and masters degree (“Dental Hygienists” American para. 14). In order to graduate a dental hygienist has to pass a writing and clinical examination by the American Dental Association Joint Commission on National Dental Examination day to be licensed in the state they work in (“Dental Hygienist” What’s para. 16). Once Reading, listening, writing, speaking, science, and critical thinking are all important skills to have licensed, hygienists are allowed to use R.D.H after their signature to show they are a...

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