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Cigarette But Litter Case Study

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Victoria is one of the most urbanised states in Australia. However, cigarette butt litter is a major issue in Victoria. This is a research about Sustainability Victoria’s “Don’t Be a Tosser, Bin Your Butts” campaign organised by The Reputation Group (TGR) from February to September 2007. “Don’t Be a Tosser, Bin Your Butts” is a cigarette butt litter awareness and behavioural change campaign. The intention was to urge smokers to bin their butts. It was a successful campaign as it has exceeded its objectives and showed positive results.

In July 2007, Victoria Government introduced a new tobacco legislation to prohibit indoor smoking in all licensed premises. With the new regulation ...view middle of the document...

Various research methods have been used to aid in the strategies and tactics development. Focus group is one of the research method conducted. Focus group is a discussion consists of eight to ten people gathered around to talk about their opinions and perspective. Krueger & Casey (2000) stated the purpose of focus group is to understand how people feel or think about an issue, product, service, or idea. Focus group frequently used in campaigns because it is a face-to-face discussion and generates better understanding. There is no right or wrong in the discussion as it is opinion based. However, there are several drawbacks to this method. Firstly, the hardship in selecting and organising the data obtained. Data are difficult to analyse and the process is time consuming. Secondly, participants might not fully reveal their thoughts and tend to go with the discussion flow only. The reason is certain participants may have introvert personality so they will not dare to voice out much. In contrast, there are dominators too. Dominator is the people who love to be leader and they will attempt take in control of the whole discussion. Thirdly, argument may happen due to opposition of ideas. Thus, the facilitator need be professional and excellent in handling any situation to avoid participants from feeling uncomfortable throughout the discussion (Brown, GM & Dozier, DM 1990).

TGR also uses consultation with hospitality industry. This method is useful in building mutual relationship. This technique also helps in fostering the generation of ideas and decision making. Edgar Schein (1999) theorised that the essential of process consultation philosophy is the mutual nature of relationship where the consultant works with and not for the client. Consultation had powerful impact because the process is to assist their client to have a clearer understanding of an issue and determine the best solution. The weakness of consultation is the consultants need to understand the problem first before solving it so we must be honest with them otherwise the consultation is meaningless. In this matter, confidential information will be revealed so it is better to have a trustable consultant. The consultants work for countless people so their attention maybe diverted and it is costly.

Mackman Research mentioned that telephone interview is widely used in collecting data nowadays. Telephone interviews allow interviewer obtained feedback on the spot and the conversation is confidential. This method is simple to manage compared to face-to-face interview and geographical coverage is wide. Not only that, the possibility of getting bias respondent is low and they are likely less reluctant to sensitive questions. In contrast, Seitel, FP (2001) revealed that telephone interviews have a higher rejection rate simply because people dislike being disturbed. Thus, it is important to conduct telephone interview at off peak hours. The questions proposed must be simple, short and...

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