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Smokers In Great Britain And The United States

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Referring to smoking, different countries have different attitudes towards the habit. Some countries have strong negative altitude against smoking while others do not. In both America and United Kingdom, smokers are seen as social pariahs while in Hong Kong, the altitude towards smokers is not strict (Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, 2013). However, the only one similar attitude between all the three countries is that they all disapprove smoking. This paper will explore the statement "Smokers in Great Britain and the United States are increasingly treated as social pariahs". Comment on this point of view, compare and contrast the attitude to smoking in both of these countries with attitudes in China Hong Kong.
In as much as America, Britain, and China a lot of tax received from tobacco manufacturing companies, it shows that these countries still define that smoking is a bad habit. However, their attitude towards the practice is totally different. From statement ‘Smokers in Great Britain and the United States are increasingly treated as social pariahs’, this means that smokers are seen as outcast. In other words, smoking is not only discouraged but also assumed to be a negative habit. Being the most powerful countries in the world, both the America and Britain have a raised voice against smoking when compared to other countries. Conversely, this does not necessarily mean that other countries’ supports or by any means advocate for smoking. The statement does not neither mean that other nations are lenient to the habit of smoking (Mueller and Frith, 2010).
Comparing to the altitude to smoking in America and Britain compared to that in Hong Kong, there is a big difference. To start with, both the America and Britain have been in the forefront in the fight against smoking. This is due to the fact that both countries have the highest number of deaths resulting from cigarette smoking (Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, 2013). America alone has a death rate of 42,000 people annually has a result of smoking and smoking related diseases. On the other hand, Britain has the biggest death rate of 100,000 people annually. It is for this reason that the governments of these two nations have taken strict measures in the fight against smoking. On the other hand, China is a developing country. This means that the country has other more serious issues to handle and that smoking is not their priority. However, this should not be mistaken with total disregard of the country’s authorities to discourage smoking (Owing, 2005).
Secondly, smoking in both the America and Britain is public health problem among young adults as the number of young adults smoking has increased significantly. This is why the altitude in both countries towards smoking can be described as harsh. 24% of boys and 23.5% of girls and 30% of boys and 33.5% of girls aged 15 years in America and Britain respectively smoke cigarettes weekly...

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