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Cinder Book Report

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This book report is about a book that I’ve read called Cinder by Marissa Meyer. It is the first book of a four book series known as the Lunar Chronicles. MacMillan Publishing published this book on January 3 2012. The book’s genres are science fiction and romance. There are 400 pages in Cinder. It is about a cyborg named Lihn Cinder who is struggling with an unwelcoming family and accepting the prince's love. The classic fairytale slightly influence this book. I enjoyed the unexpected plot and backstory of the protagonist.

A cyborg named Lihn Cinder, lives in New Beijing with an unwelcoming family consists of her step mother, Adri and her two step sisters, Peony and Pearl. Cinder is a talented mechanic who owns a booth so the prince of New Beijing, Prince Kai, asks Cinder to fix his android. On the very same day at night, Peony gets infected by Letumosis, a plague that has no survivors. In grief, Adri expressed her anger at Cinder by sending her away to volunteer for the research of a cure. At the lab, Cinder meets Dr. Erland who performed test on Cinder. He found out that Cinder is immune to Letumosis because she is a Lunar shell. Lunars are people who lives on Earth and have the ability brainwash anybody except shells. In the meantime, Prince Kai had to settle the peace treaty between Lunars and humans. The only way to fix it is by marrying Queen Levana, the queen of the Lunars. When Cinder exits the lab, she encounters Prince Kai again, and Prince Kai asks if Cinder wants to go to the ball with him. Cinder knows that Peony likes Prince Kai and that she is a cyborg not wanting to embarrass the Prince, she declines. Cinder goes home and fixes the android, but she found some confidential information through the android. She found out that Queen Levana plans to kill Prince Kai to take over Earth. She also found out Prince Kai is looking for Princess Selene who is the only heir to the Lunar throne to help Cinder. Sadly, she went missing a mysterious fire and some people think she is dead. Cinder quickly goes to the ball to warn Prince Kai. Right after telling him, Cinder sees Queen Levana. Immediately Queen Levana knows that Cinder is a Lunar shell she tries to brainwash Cinder into shooting herself. Cinder breaks from the trance and runs away but falls on a flight of stairs and broke her foot off. Queen Levana exposes Cinder as a cyborg and a Lunar fugitive, so Levana wants to kill Cinder. Trying to preserve peace and show mercy to Cinder, Prince Kai chose to imprison Cinder on Earth. Dr. Erland visits Cinder in prison and tells her that the fate of the world is in her hands and helps her escape. The main conflict is the battle between Queen Levana and humans on Earth. Queen Levana is trying to take over Earth using ruthless tricks and crimes to achieve her goal. She plans to kill Prince Kai, and she seduce people. Cinder told the story as the first person. The climax was when Cinder found out that Queen Levana planned to kill Prince Kai and...

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