Cinderella And The Effects On Young Women

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Throughout the centuries fairytales have captured the hearts and minds of people of all ages, especially children. Many parents of today embrace fairytales, and do not consider the possible physical, emotional, and social effects their children may face later in life. Many lessons are acquired through the simplicity of fairytales. Subliminal messages teach children to believe in true love and good always triumphs over evil. But, is that really true? The popular fairytale, "Cinderella" has various famous versions (including the brothers Grimm and Charles Perrault versions) and is a highly touted story recommended for young children, particularly young girls.. What essentially happens in the story is that Cinderella (beautiful-good) is treated awfully by her stepmother and two step-sisters (ugly-evil) for numerous years and in the end she is rescued by a prince (handsome-good).The story of Cinderella is highly praised by critics due to the fact that it can be interpreted in many different ways and means various things to different people (Bettelheim 628). Viewing this story as a young girl an individual could interpret that one who is beautiful is good and one who is ugly is evil. Children most likely don't understand why Cinderella is treated badly or why the step-mother and step-sisters have such a tight rein on her, but they know Cinderella is good and is treated badly by others who are evil. This unfortunate miscue in fairytales could possibly affect girls who are not considered the prettiest or most beautiful at school, daycare, or other places children gather. This could give a young girl a feeling that she is not good enough.Another interpretation that is taken from the story and can be carried into adulthood is the waiting for their prince to come. Girls can ingrain that one day a young handsome prince will walk into their life and sweep them off their feet. But, ironically most women will never even lay eyes on an actual prince. The guidance that beauty stands for good can also bear the negative effects as well. A handsome, rich, and powerful man may come into their life who in the beginning sweeps them off their feet, but ultimately deep down he may be the most evil and cruel human known. This also teaches young girls that they must be submissive to men this assumption could result in many broken relationships due to the fact that no human being is perfect.In today's society, women are crying out for equality, and to eradicate all paths of gender unfairness. Women want to be viewed as equals and not below men. The story of Cinderella has turned many women off due to the fact the way the story projects women. One issue occurs with the three evil characters (the...

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