Cinderella Rewritten (Rewrite A Fairytale As A Feature Article)

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There were mixed reactions outside of the Neverland Magistrates Court today when Lady Cornelia and her two daughters were sentenced to ten years working in the palace washing room as penalty for their enslavement of Princess Cinderella.The case, nicknamed "The Wicked Step-Mother and Ugly Step Sisters" has received high level media attention from around Neverland, due to the high profile of Prince Charming, and his new wife, the aforementioned Cinderella.Although the courtroom was closed to the media, it understood that neither the Prince nor the Princess attended the hearing, but had provided a written statement, used as evidence in the case.From court documents viewed under the 'Public Property' policy, it is understood that Lady Cornelia and her two daughters used Cinderella as a slave for the past ten years, imprisoning her in the home that was actually her fathers, once he had passed on.It was the arrival of an old family friend, on the evening of the Prince's Gala Ball, that brought everything to a head. Finding Cinderella locked in the cellar, her Godmother proceeded to release Cinderella from her confinement, and sent her along to the ball with a specially made dress, which Cinderella's deceased mother had commissioned for her before her death.Upon meeting Cinderella, the Prince was immediately smitten, but frightened of her step-mother's wrath, Cinderella had made a hasty exit from the ball and returned to the home of her captor's before anyone had recognized...

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1838 words - 8 pages identify with him. He’s perseverant and wants to fulfill his dreams and honor his dad’s request to be a baseball player( just like Cinderella honored her mom’s request of being pious and good). According to Bruno Bettelheim, who writes the article “ ‘Cinderella’: A story of Sibling Rivalry and Oedipal Conflicts”, talks about how Cinderella is about, “...wishes coming true...humble being elevated...of true merit being recognized even when hidden

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779 words - 4 pages was more beautiful than they? Could that be a form of jealousy? They stripped her of all of her pretty clothes and her bed, and forced her to wear an old bedgown and wooden shoes and sleep amongst the ashes. This is how she came to be known as “Cinderella.” The only thing Cinderella wanted was to be a part of this new family, and was denied this by all, including her own father who was either unaware of treatment that she was enduring or had

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