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Cindy Staring At The Keswick Theater

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The Keswick Theater was graced to host the Cindy Lauper, “She Is So Unusual 30th Anniversary Tour,” this Friday Nov. 15th.. Indeed it was a night where “Fans Just Want to have Fun,” was the operative and we certainly did!

The Keswick is located in downtown Glenside. The seating is comfortable and the acoustics the very best. There are a number of decent restaurants and a great coffee shop. Come a little early and hang out in the coffee shop and many times you can catch the band getting some hot brew. I'd recommend you arrive about 45 minutes prior to the show so parking is not a challenge. The Theater was designed by the famous architect Horace Trumbauer and some of it's original grandeur has been preserved. It is dead center in the middle of a major restoration, however, that in no way detracts form the experience.

The concert opened with Hunter Valentine a Canadian indie/punk rock band with a round house punch. They have an in your face style and push the music out at the audience. The audience was quite diverse form: young fans especially women, a lot of moms with their daughter dressed like Cindy, and yes us the folks who were their when she started. The lead singer of Hunter Valentine is and she has a powerful and deep voice. She has quite a stage presence and played off of her band mates. A point is that they are an all women band. I'm not familiar with their music but did enjoy “Just Another Love Song,” “Staten Island Dream Tour,” and I think the title was “Feel Like Tonight.” The band received polite applause and performed about 10 songs. Being the warm up act for someone like Cindy is both a blessing and curse. I think they did a fine job and were rewarded by the fans without a trace of , please get off the stage.

To say Cindy Lauper is a character is a trite understatement. She took command of the stage, the show, the venue and the entire evening. She made numerous forays into the audience to sing, dance, prance and just talk. If any fan crossed the line she just gave it to them in a way that was funny but authoritative. All shows have some folks who; can't be quite, can't stop using the flash on their camera, can't stop taping or who get into the artist personal space. We had them all and she did not need security, she tore them a new butt, again with New York humor. In ,I hope, an unusual situation we had some folks at each other about standing, dancing and singing. I don't know why you would come to a Cindy Lauper concert if you wanted to sit pensive in your seat,...

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