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Cinema Versus The Home Theater Essay

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It seems that watching movies has become the most frequently mentioned pastime that is enjoyed by people from around the world. This is no surprise either, because everyone undeniably enjoys an experience when they can escape the daily reality for a little while, and fantasize about anything they wish or at least about what the movie being watched is offering. To live out these fantasies, two contrasting options are available; a trip to the cinema or staying at home.
After a movie theater with its play-list is found, a movie is picked, and the trip is made, customers are faced with the almost certain minimum cost of $8.50 per person to get in. That means a family of four, would have to pay over $35 just for movie tickets. Once inside, if the concession stand is unavoidable the cost continues to multiply because any food, snack, or drink is always at least half the price of a movie ticket.
Naturally, sometimes people just want to leave the house and go somewhere. A new or seasoned couple might be looking for place to get together. Like an instinct, as a result of frequent movie advertisements, the movie theater is one place that comes to mind. It offers a unique experience that starts with the massive and imposing screen that occupies the theater room where all seats are faced forward. The screen and front-faced seats, coupled with the absence of light, are the first things movie-goers notice when they enter the room. This commends all attention to the giant screen, and the already found sense that something new and exciting is about to appear, grows stronger. Eventually, the seats are filled, phones are turned off, chatting stops and the lights are dimmed; as the stream of new and exciting previews begins. From then on, all eyes are intensely focused on the screen.
As a whole, surround sound and a theater room designed to improve acoustics heighten the experience, by making it seem like conversations or sound effects – such as explosions – are occurring right in the theater. Long available IMAX and now 3-D movies, offer an ever immersing movie picture with extra details, and will soon be the norm. In a recent Time interview James Cameron, an internationally acclaimed director with recent blockbusters such as Titanic and Avatar, stated that, "Certainly every film I'm planning to do will be in 3-D." This statement appears to be the common dogma of everyone in Hollywood and Silicon Valley.
However, despite all these great features, sometimes the theater-movie is diminished or even ruined by distractions. There could a person who enjoys commenting on events occurring in the film, a baby could start crying, or a group of teenagers who will not stay still, might continue to bump the back of the chair or play on their cell-phones.
Alternatively, a film is released for rent or purchase after a short period; usually no more than a month and sometimes even two weeks, depending on the generously supplied critique of the audience who went to the...

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