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In the film Circle of Friends there are many different types of relationships that occur throughout the movie involving Sternberg's eight types of love. Firstly, Nan and Simon have a relationship that is based on infatuation and physical arousal. Simon displays no concrete form of commitment and he demonstrates this when he states that he would only marry a wealthy woman. Simon impregnates Nan, and when she tells him that she is pregnant he responds immediately by saying "it's awful, it's terrible". Simon then tells Nan that she should get an abortion in England. Nan also has a relationship in the movie with her parents. The love displayed by Nan's parents is ultimately agape love, but her father, who also gives Nan money for school, heavily favours her. The actual relationship between Nan's mother and father seems weak, because they are always arguing. The love demonstrated between the couple is empty love since there is no intimacy or passion, and they are staying together for family commitment reasons. In the beginning of the movie we are introduced to three girls named Nan, Eve, and Benny who are all friends. These three have a relationship based on agape love and liking up until the end of the movie. When Eve and Benny find out the truth about what Nan has tried to do to Jake, and to her best friend Benny, there is a strong sense of non-love present. The healthiest relationship throughout the movie is that of Eve, who was an orphan, and Benny Hogan. Agape love is illustrated between these two women along with their strong liking for one another. Their openness and loyalty to one another is unmatched by anyone else in the movie. Another relationship in the movie is between Benny and Shaun. There is a strong feeling of non-love expressed by Benny several times towards Shaun, who works for her father. Narcissistic love can be seen in Shaun's character, because he is very selfish and he further proves this by stealing money from the Hogan's store. Benny and her parents also have an active relationship in the movie. These three individuals are friendly and cooperative with each other for the most part.~1~ 2 Benny does, however, feel like she can never decide things for herself, because her parents are always telling her what to do in her life. The love present in this relationship between parents and child is compassion and agape love since there is intimacy and commitment. Finally, the last relationship is Benny and Jake. The initial love between these two people is eros. Physically they are both attracted to one another when they first meet, and their first kiss occurs at the college ball. After Jake is honest enough to tell Benny about Nan and himself, Benny and Jake start over and compassionate and agape love is revealed. At the very end of the movie consummate love is demonstrated when Benny and Jake go to Eve's cottage and engage in sexual intercourse. Love as Eros is mostly concerned with the physical attractions between two people....

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