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Circle Of Influence Is The Biggest Impact On Your Life Be Cautious Who You Surround Yourself With Rockwall High School Essay

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Ramirez 1
Joey Ramirez
Circle of Influence
Living a life of psychological triumph varies from person to person and could be blind to
people who are enclosed with a fixed mindset. Circle of influence are the people that we are
surrounded with and consists of the main reason you mentally may feel and view yourself. You
may think you are the Michael Jordan of your own unique task. That is good and that is how you
should feel about yourself, however, in reality, it can easily be a different story. Circle of
influence is essential for your personal growth and correlates in the difference of having a fixed
or growth mindset. Going into my relation with sports as a whole throughout my athletic career,
the relationship began as far as I can remember. Different sports and activities came to my
attention and I began to participate in multiple of them. Most were enjoyable however two stood
out the most for me. Basketball and football were my main passions; unfortunately only one I
felt needed the majority attention. Regardless of the choice, the circle of influence will be the
reason for success and even blind success throughout my life without not even noticing it.
My passion for basketball leads me to favor the sport above the rest. Organized
basketball began for myself as far back as I can remember. I have always viewed the sport
seriously however to my surroundings that seemed to begin in middle school. My fixed mindset
was evident leading up to that point. Competition and the surroundings that were presented to
myself truly lead me to believe and psychologically be above the world. I walked and carried
Ramirez 2
myself as if there was no competition and I was on top of anything. Every game and practice I
fairly dominated along with my team. Not necessarily cocky however just fixed mindset as in not
viewing the whole picture; my fixed mindset in a way even carried on to my early high school
years. A fixed mindset consist of people such as students that view tasks that are too difficult in
their minds and shy away from it. This is a theory that was tested by Dweck with students who
have had difficult transitions to a new school.(Dweck 20)
Freshmen year the varsity basketball level come by so hard and fast to my young thirteen
year old self. These kids were much taller and bigger than I was at the time. Understanding this I
worked on myself physically and skillfully and returned sophomore year with high expectations
from myself and my coaches. Things were supposed to be smooth and my high school career
was supposed to take off. Our team lost all of our seniors and were beyond the word terrible,
resulting in the worse season in school history. I struggled early on and to this day I believe it
was mental in me having...

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