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Circle Of Life Essay

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Age is but a number. A number that classifies, organizes, and can even define someone. It holds opportunities to learn new things and determines when the path into adulthood begins. The linear notion created by steadily increasing numbers is a very narrow outlook on age. It assumes that as someone grows in age, they are changing both mentally and physically. This, however, is far from the truth. Age is beyond the numbers; it is what lies within. When numbers are disregarded and the qualities attributed to each phase of life is examined, a sequence of repetition can be observed. Instead of growing old, it can be seen as regressing to adolescence. The two outliers of life, infancy and ...view middle of the document...

Due to lack of physical capability, both frequently need help from a guardian.
Similarities can also be observed in how people interact with infants and elderly. Due to the fragile nature of these stages, they both are treated with a gentle and caring hand. Also, because of these characteristics people keep a keen eye on the ups and downs of their everyday life. Caregivers want to see both their achievements, as well as be their downfalls, so they can help them back up. Close attention is given to children as to keep them safe from harm and hazards, but also watch in anticipation to see the first steps they take as well as other monumental milestones. Similarly, people observe this in the elderly. Every step they take is a gift and prayers are said for many more, but when the time comes and they cannot take another, a caring individual will be there to help. This attentive observation and generosity is due to people taking a responsibility for someone, whether it be a child or elder.
The keystone to the correspondence between young and old is that they are both teachers. They are not teachers of information, but values and morals. They teach values of how to live, laugh, and love life for all it is worth. These two outliers, young and old, give us an extraordinary glance at the life’s precious nature. ...

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