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Circuit Term Paper

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Background Information

The age of digital electronics has come to be one of the most significant developments in the history of society. What were once manual time-consuming tasks and processes have now become programmed to the point where multi-tasking is an expected part of our lifestyles. So what is considered to be a digital electronic? They are sophisticated devices capable of sending information through electronic signals from point A to point B. The information is transmitted from one circuit to another by using electronic currents. However, the logic sequences that have been incorporated into the electrical circuit is what distinguishes digital electronics from the electronic devices from the past. Binary logic, also known as Boolean theory, implements a base two-value logic system of “true” and “false” to transport information through electric signals.
The electronic gate (circuit) is the source of what makes the electronics work. The electronic gate is where and how an electric current is sent. The first gate was a relay device invented by Joseph Henry in 1835, the next was a vacuum tube invented in 1904 by Sir John Ambrose. Soon after, transistors were developed leading to the construction of integrated circuits and microprocessors, which the digital electronics of today are made out of.
A digital circuit is typically constructed from small electronic circuits called logic gates that can be used to create combinatorial logic. These gates are the building blocks of all digital devices. Each logic gate represents a function of Boolean logic. The logic gates is the arrangement of switches, better known as transistors. The output of logic gates is electrical flow or voltage, which can control more logic gates. To reduce the size, power consumption, cost, and reliability, logic gates typically use the fewest number of transistors possible.
Why Digital Electronics emerged

Digital electronics are all around us, with the rise and development of digital electronics, today’s generation has embraced the digital world in all forms. They opened up a whole new world of communication; digital phones, TV, and internet. In particular, the rapid evolution of computer systems is due to the development of digital electronics. The invention of integrated circuits and microprocessors reduced the size of computers to what they are today, lowered manufacturing and system costs. Even today, the processing capabilities just keep getting better and better.
Current Status

Digital electronics continue to enhance on a day to day basis. As computers continue to improve, the number of transistors contained on computer chips have double every year and a half since 1965. Digital electronic devices are advancing in terms of processing speed and memory capacity every year. The invention of Integrated Circuit (IC) has proved a great milestone in this field and it has made possible to fabricate different digital circuits which resulted in the reduction of size of...

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