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Cisco Tcs Wan Design Essay

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Washington School District Wide Area Network Proposal A Response to the Cisco Threaded Case Study by: Group 3 Networks, Inc.Table of Contents: Overview of Project: 4 RFP Objectives: 4 Recommendations and Justifications 6 LAN Recommendations: 6 General LAN Specifications: 6 Example School LAN Specifications: Acacia: 7 WAN Recommendations: 8 General Specifications for Regional Hubs: 8 Internet connection specifications: 9 WAN Connection Specifications for Individual School Locations: 9 Server Recommendations: 10 Enterprise Servers: 10 Workgroup Servers: 11 Costs of Design 12 Pros and Cons of Design 12 Summary 13 Appendix A - Washington School District WAN Logical Plan 14 Appendix B - Detail View of Data Center Hub 15 Appendix C - Detail View of Shaw Butte Hub 16 Appendix D - Detail View of Service Center Hub 17 Appendix E - Acacia School LAN Logical Plan 18 Appendix F - Acacia School MDF Logical Plan 19 Appendix G - Acacia School IDF 1 Logical Plan 20 Appendix H - Acacia School IDF 2 Logical Plan 21 Appendix I - Acacia School Cable Run Overview 22 Appendix J - Acacia School Cable Runs: MDF 23 Appendix K - Acacia School Cable Runs: IDF 1 24 Appendix L - Washington School District Addressing 25 Subnetting 25 Acacia IP addressing 25 Appendix M - Washington School District Access Lists 26 District Office Access 26 Acacia LAN Access 26 Appendix N - Washington School District Cost Breakdown 27 Enterprise Server Subtotal: 28 Workgroup Server Subtotal: 28 Client Access License Subtotal: 28 Total Server Cost for District WAN: 28 Regional Hub Subtotal: 29 Regional Administrative Network Subtotal: 29 Firewall Subtotal: 30 Filtering Router Subtotal: 30 School Access Router Subtotal: 30 WAN Services Subtotal: 31 Total WAN cost for District WAN: 31 LAN Equipment Subtotal: 31 LAN Cabling Subtotal: 32 Total for Washington District LANs: 32 Washington District Project Subtotal: 32 Group 3 Networks Consulting Fee (10%): 32 Total Cost of Washington District Project: 32 Overview of Project: The Washington School District is seeking to implement an enterprise-wide, or wide Area, network (WAN) that will provide data connectivity to all of its school sites. This network is to include individual Local Area Networks (LAN) to be designed and additionally implemented at each school. The Washington School District seeks to provide ubiquitous Internet connectivity to each site while limiting the types of security problems that might go along with such access. Upon implementation of the WAN, the school district will begin to automate its administrative and curricular processes through the installation of a series of LAN-based servers.The Washington School District expects that all solutions for their WAN implementation will remain viable and operative for a seven (7) to ten (10) year window. To that effect all network designs must account for a minimum of 100x (times) growth on LAN throughput, 2x (times) growth in the WAN core throughput and 10x (times) growth in the District...

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