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Internet censorship is growing around the world and it affects us irregardless of the fact that as United States citizens we have more internet freedom than a lot of countries, but when these countries portray us as something we are not through censorship it contributes to the lack of understanding between countries and with misunderstanding comes hate. Whether you believe it or not there are many citizens of countries around the world that hate us simply because they do not understand us. The internet is an excellent tool to increase understanding around the world. As Americans we have been taught to be respectful with our postings online. Do all Americans follow suit in their activity online? Of course not, there is evil lurking on the internet and some of this comes directly from the citizens of the United States. As of 2010 there were over 1000 practicing hate groups in the United States alone (Social Problems). Many of these groups have websites they use to spread their hate and those that believe in government controlled censorship use these hate mongers as an example for why internet censorship is needed. These groups do not represent the average United States citizen; hate definitely does not represent my views. Even so as long as these hate groups do not break the laws of the United States; our government will not take these websites down.
An organization known as the OpenNet Initiative investigates internet censorship globally, or as they call it internet filtering. They investigate internet censorship in the areas of political, social, conflict, security, email, internet hosting freedoms and any other tools used to access the internet and post their findings on Three groups make up the OpenNet Initiative, the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto's Munk School of global affairs, Harvard University's Berkman Center for internet & society and the SecDev Group in Ottawa. Visiting their website is an eye opening experience and I recommend you do exactly that, visit their website at The OpenNet Initiative along with MIT Press created a series of books called the Access Series and to date they have published, Access Denied, Access Controlled and Access Contested that document internet filtering over the past decade in detail and all three have some of the chapters available on the OpenNet website (Deibert
Countries such as China, Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia censor the internet in order to maintain their social values, political stability and national security. These countries believe they know what is best for their citizens and don’t allow...

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