Citi Bank Case Study

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Case: Citibank
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1. Why has Citibank introduced a performance scorecard?
The purpose of the performance scorecard is to highlight the importance of a diverse set
of measures in achieving the strategic goals of the division.
Citibank's strategy in California was to build a profitable franchise by providing
relationship banking combined with a high level of service to its customers. Specifically,
from Frits Seeger's point of view, the high service quality strategy and other dimensions were
critical to the long-term success of the franchises. The customer satisfaction and strategy ...view middle of the document...

The balanced scorecard forces

employees to adopt a broader view of the business and concentrate not only on financial
measures, but on measures that are truly important to the success of the company.
2. Assume that you are Lisa Johnson. Complete Exhibit 1 to evaluate Jame's performance.
Below Par Par Above Par
Financial ✔
Strategy Implementation ✔
Customer Satisfaction ✔
Control ✔
People ✔
Standards ✔
Overall Evaluation ✔
If we give James "par" rating in overall evaluation, it could cause him to consider
leaving the company, not only because of the reduced bonus, but also because of the feeling
of being treated unfairly or not being valued by the company. Losing James would be a

significant loss for the bank, and it would be hard to find as qualified and dedicated manager
as James for this particular branch.
However, if we give James "Above par" rating in overall evaluation, it would potentially
damage the company's management team reputation. It would cause employees' complaint
and jealousy. And it would be more difficult for the bank to deal with similar situation in the
I think it's needed to arrange a special meeting with James to explain our position, and
to work out the plan for the future to help him improve the customer satisfaction rating.

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