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Citizen Journalism Essay

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At the beginning of this century new kind of media showed up to the public, which is the Citizen Journalism. Citizen journalist is a person who works alone from his house by his phone or his personal pc to get the news and publish it by using blogger or social media like Facebook or Twitter. While Citizen Journalism helps society by giving variety and good kind of information, it still have lacked freedom because of the government and traditional media. Usually Governments do not like support the Citizen Journalism because it is difficult to be controlled. also it voice kind of news that governments do not like, so governments trying to put restriction on Citizen Journalism. On the other ...view middle of the document...

Also, because citizen journalism can cover news that cannot be covered by traditional media, Citizen journalism should be hosted by traditional media .For example, during hurricane sandy citizen journalism were the only people who report the news for news organization and public people because it is difficult to them to get there. Also, there are some places that traditional media need citizen journalism to collect the news for them like dangerous places. For example, in 2008 when group of gunmen attacked the Mumbai city in India, traditional media depended completely on citizen journalism to report the news because they can not send reporter to danger place. Also citizen journalism unlike traditional media they can show up news about the other country that traditional media could not show, because it is not allow from the government. For example, during the cold war between India and Pakistan citizen journalism in Pakistan report good news about India and that dose not Pakistan government allow for the traditional media.
finally, as citizen journalism has big slice of audience in the community due to voice all kind of people opinions, the government should support and gives citizen journalism the freedom and right to write and publish the news. For Example, in South Korean, government gives Ohmy news, which is a website has a millions of audience who reading on the website every day, the right to...

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