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Citizen Kane A Film Noir Genre (Analysis)

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a) The genre film noir is ''a french term referring to a kind of urban American genre that sprang up after World War II. Archetypal film noir revolve around an existentially despairing universe where there is no escape from mean city streets, loneliness and death.'' (Flash-Back, A brief history of film, p.588). ''The term film noir conjures up a series of generic and fashionable traits from certain Hollywood pictures of the 1940's and 1950's.'' (More than night, p..I) Film noir originated in America, emerging out of a synthesis of hard-boiled fiction and German expressionism. Film noir genre is most of the time a black an white movie, because it accentuates the shadows and also the suspense of the film. Film noir also involve a strong atmosphere of dread and paranoia. In film noir, we often see scene in the shadows and with a really dark atmosphere. The genre is really a specific one because there is many structures that are applied toit. Film noir are often using flash back story to put people in a suspense mood and to show the story in a moment that the director want too. Another element that is a characteristic of film noir is that the story is develloped in an urban environment, we saw big old building and stores almost with anybody. Usually, the actions in film noir are during the night or when it's dark, like if it is in a house, there will be a lot of shadows and also ''a style of lighting emphasizing harsh shafts and dramatic streuks of lights and darks''. (Flash-Back, A brief history of film, p. 588). There is often tension between the characters in tbis genre, because the protagonist often put himself in situation that impose a compromise. Sometimes in film noir, there is scenes where it's noir or that the ground is wet, this is to emphasis the darkness side and the plot of the movie. Sometimes, the film of this genre will be based on a clostrophobic atmosphere, the actors will often hush up of the situation that they are stocked in. Although, there is no escape in this genre for the protagonist, there is always this pattern of dying who's present. In film noir, there is always someone who will die que ce soit in a conflict context or because of an disease, there is presence of death. In film noir, it uses a lot of motion, in other words, we don't always see all the things that happening, like the murder in double indemnity, the director let place to the audience imagination. There is this notion of reality that is used in this genre, all the situations can be real in a certain way. In addition, money is really important in this genre, there is always question of that. Most of the time, the story se déroule autour de l'argent et c'est souvent l'élément déclencheur du film. Moreover, a good accessory that is often use by the characters in this genre is the cigarettes to show that those people are important people of the city who have money. Film noir will shows the dark side of humanity, it will really often...

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