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Citizen Kane Opinion Essay

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Citizen Kane has earned the prestigious honor of being regarded as the number one movie of all time because of Welles’ groundbreaking narrative and plot structures that paved a path for the future of the film industry. Though critics have viewed the film with such prestige over the years, a present day viewer might encounter a great amount of confusion or difficulty as to why Citizen Kane is the number one movie on the American Film Institute’s top 100 movies of all time. Especially considering the modern day film industry, Welles’ production does not measure up to the amount of thrill and entertainment audiences experience today. Not even considering the possibilities with special effects and technology, Citizen Kane seems to lack an exciting plot that might involve some action or twists instead of the gossip of a man’s life that we no longer appreciate. In 1941, the general public could greatly appreciate the connections between Kane and William Randolph Hearst unlike young adults watching the film now.
The use of innovative film elements in the movie has definitely attracted critics to the movie over the years. From such detail in the seemingly unimportant aspects an untrained viewer might not see, as with the “NO TRESPASSING” sign on the fence, to the overall portrayal of Charles Kane through prismatic narration, Orson Welles creates a beautiful product that will always attract a true critic’s eye (Jim Emerson). Also, Orson’s clever mockery of Hearst is unlike any preceding movie because of the “behind-the-scenes” nature of a powerful man’s life. Being so unique, critics cannot help but applaud Welles’ creativity.
In beginning the movie with Kane’s solitary death, viewers have a general idea in what to expect from the rest of the film. Through the extended views of Kane’s past life, such as his marriages, for example, the viewer knows the end result without knowing the...

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