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Citizenship Ans Capitalism Are Inevitably Opposed To One Another

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Capitalism and Citizenship are without doubt a incompatible. Citizenship endeavors to establish equalities within our society but in contrast capitalism does the complete opposite, causing divide and creates inequalities within our society. Citizenship can be defined as " a status which is bestowed on those who are full members of a community" (Marshall 1983). Citizens are said to, according to Marshall(1983), be equal in all respects. Capitalism however, contradicts this. Capitalism is the 'surplus value' of labored production made by capitalists. This phenomena causes social divide within communities as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, social classes are formed and the underprivileged or "Proletariat" are exploited by the privileged, "Bourgeoisie". Below I discuss citizenship and how capitalism creates social division for citizens, and discuss how Capitalism and citizenship are inevitably opposed to one another, in all aspects of society.According to Marshall (1983), citizenship is "a status bestowed on those who are full members of a community. All who possess the status are equal with respect to the rights and duties which the status in endowed." (Marshall 1983 : 253).The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship testifies that Australian citizenship "symbolizes our unity as a nation." (Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship), in other words citizens are one and the same in regards to all aspects of society. It is therefore safe to say that citizenship promotes equality of status throughout society. In Marshall's thesis "Citizenship and Social class" (1963), he recognizes three sets of socio-economic factors that must be fulfilled in order for citizenship. These are civil, political and social rights. By civil rights, Marshall was referring to rights necessary for individual freedom (freedom of speech, religion and thought , the right to justice as well as the right hold property) (Marshall, 1963). Political rights represents the facet of involvement regarding citizenship ( the right to obtain political position in addition to vote in elections) (Marshall, 1950). Social rights deal with " the right of welfare provision to ensure a 'civilized' way of life for all community members" (Limits to egalitarianism : 43) These three social rights, Marshall argued, would ultimately guarantee opportunity in relation to medical, education and welfare services as well as recognized equality. This in return would suspend the class and status inequalities which are produced by a society of capitalists. All in all, citizenship promotes equalities amongst members, in regards to rights and responsibilities therefore society should be egalitarian.. However, citizens live in a capitalist society, which contradicts all that citizenship is about, creating inequalities amongst citizens. These inconsistencies will be discussed subsequently..Capitalism can be defined as a political and economic system . Within capitalism being...

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