City Of Kelsey Process Identification And Analysis

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"Amenities of the big city without sacrificing the small town charm."The city of Kelsey has a solid foundation from which to grow from. The City maintains positive population growth under good conditions. With a classic municipal structure, the Mayor and City Council have consistently managed well for the people. Kelsey maintains a substantial public service force of police and firefighters. Growing home ownership, a solid public transportation system, schools for all grades, and unemployment under 2% are statistics of a strong city that is managed well by and for its citizens.The current government formation of Kelsey is able to stand alone, and is no need of major modification. As it stands the City of Kelsey government works through a chain of command that ultimately answers to the citizens. The citizens have granted the authority to execute their needs to the mayor and City Council. The Council and Mayor appoint a City Manager. Under the Manager's responsibility are the various departments of the City. This system has proven effective for the growth and consistency that Kelsey has experienced since 1940.Core public service, employment and housing factors are milestones of an effectively operated organization. A foundation that is solidly rooted and consistently growing is key to the City of Kelsey's success. However, for continued success and a more diversified approach, Kelsey needs to seek a new evaluation of its future potential and the addition of another department under the City Manager. It has been recommended that an additional department be added that would work in conjunction with the Planning Commission and Regional Development departments. Under the management of the City Manager of Kelsey, a new Visitors Authority department is under consideration in an effort to promote tourism to stimulate the local economy as well as providing visitors exposure, which would contribute to future growth.Quality ToolsThe City of Kelsey is trying to attract tourist's attention, which in turn will bring more revenue to the city from accommodations, recreational activities, and merchandise. The new Visitor's Authority will implement a new Marketing Plan. This plan will be centered around a targeted direct mail program as well as an expanded internet website to provide potential visitors with necessary information. Mailed items will include a welcome packet for the city that includes brochures on accommodations, recreational activities, cultural activities and the many Kelsey specific keepsakes carried by local merchants. Included in the welcome packet and also on the internet site, will be a survey on the information that was presented to the potential visitor. This survey will gather information from how they discovered Kelsey, to the reason they will visit and whether or not enough information has been made available to them to ensure a pleasant trip.Another method for data collection will to be solicit those same questions of tourists in person...

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