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The City of Lakewood is receiving complaints from individuals that have endured their fire fighter recruitment assessment; a rigorous training procedure. Complaints indicate that the federally approved and city adopted method of training fire fighters is “unfairly” administered and potentially bias in its development. Complaints are gender in nature and includes the scrutiny of firefighter safety, individual physical strength requirements, and essential cognitive functioning’s. Although the City of Lakewood’s firefighter testing requirements are stringent, it is vital to the safety of individuals and communities in all jurisdictions.
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All firefighters, male or female, must possess the necessary stamina/endurance, strength, as well as tool coordination and functionality handling skills to ensure both the public and their safety. City of Lakewood is required to employ individual that meet their state and city standards, and like most firefighting organization, public safety testing is mandated for acceptance (Rounds, 2013, pp. 77-83).
Reliability issues exist, however, this is a twofold answer as the score should not reflect the competence of the candidate. Testing itself does not pose reliability issues and those not equipped with fundamental skill sets may a reliability concern for both the department and the individual. Communities that are serviced by the City of Lakewood’s fire department require credibility, functionality, and adaptability, thus, reliability would become an issue if standards are not meet, maintained fairly, and administered accordingly. The public’s safety hinges on the safety of those responding, thus, firefighter testing does just that; increase the ability of responders to maximize performance results, thus, increasing...

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