City Or Countryside Life Essay

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CITY OR COUNTRYSIDE LIFEThere is always a big dilemma about where life is better - in a jammed city or in the countryside. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and it is a matter of personal taste. For some, everyday noise, traffic jams and congestion is what fulfills their lives. For others, clean fresh air, raising and taking care of animals, working in a field growing various plants, maintaining farming equipment such as tractors, livestock trailers, etc. is what makes them happy. Here we will highlight the most important features and benefits of both city and countryside.Let's start with the city and what are the advantages of living in an urban area. For those who want tumultuous and quality social life, the city is ideal place to reside in. City offers great number of possibilities in all life areas - intellectual, emotional, professional, physical and recreational. You can gain greater and more versatile knowledge if living in a city. Ultimately, your professional life will be more successful and so will your social life. In the city you meet people of different backgrounds, culture, religion beliefs, nationality, etc. on a daily basis. All these interactions will broaden your horizons. Unlike countryside, in the city you can visit various places, from cinemas, theaters, bars and discos to museums, parks, zoos, etc.Also, for those who can't live without shopping, the city will always be the first choice, because there are all kinds of shopping centers and boutiques where literally everything can be found. Quality education, adequate and modern medicine and employment opportunities are undoubtedly the best features city offers. On the other hand, living and working in big cities has its own disadvantages. Usually the city is overcrowded. People are everywhere and traffic jams are becoming a big...

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605 words - 2 pages City life and Countryside life are two different ways of living, having its own advantages and disadvantages. The significant differences in city and countryside life are social opportunities, culture, sources of entertainment, and quality of life. Moving in the fast paced city life was difficult for me after being raised in a country area for 14 years. Thus, I can say that I have witnessed the best and the worst of these two worlds. One of

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658 words - 3 pages City Life and Rural LifePopulation and the economy growth lead to an increase in demand of land. Now, most of the countryside is constructing high buildings and large mansions; thus, more countryside has been developed into urban city, and it may disappear in the future. Is countryside becoming less important to us? No, there are three reasons can explain it, and they are relationship, health and happiness.People in the city usually do not have


696 words - 3 pages think for modern readers, or for me anyway, it does seem like a really strange genre and to be honest, I found it quite off-putting. The countryside and rural population is strongly idealised with the notion that life in the country was effortless and trouble-free. In Shakespeare's When daisies pied and violets blue reflects the popular idea of the simplicity of the pastoral, this idealised, almost faerytale like impression of the

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951 words - 4 pages is much more pleasant. There are very few traffic jams and the scenery is beautiful. Because the traffic is not as abundant as in the city, air and noise pollution is nominal. Although the city has a widely diverse list of things to do, activities that the country life has to offer are generally closer to home which would require fewer resources. Entertainment for those living in rural areas may include a bonfire or cookout with friends, a

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994 words - 4 pages family life and things like sledding are pastimes in a more countryside based area. Therefore, it is as if he is saying that city life is no longer good, while Marie remembers the good times she had sledding in the countryside.In the last episode, we, the readers, can see even more about how Eliot perceives the city. He refers to other stories to explain this city. He uses Dante's Hell as well as Dickens's London to explain the dead streets and the

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1096 words - 4 pages the countryside or a more natural landscape; he doesn’t see all of the urban buildings and busy streets. Unlike Blake, Wordsworth sees the natural splendour of the capital “the beauty of the morning” rather than the dreary way of life Blake focuses on. Wordsworth only chooses to see the beautiful “garment” that London wears to cover up the grimy and gloomy city behind it. He has a really peaceful and unruffled view of


1053 words - 5 pages from the European Enlightenment, modernization, philosophies and freedom. Sanshiro novel is a classic example of how Japan transitioned from old Japanese tradition values to a more modern life style such as the city of Tokyo. Shanshiro who moved to Tokyo from his countryside saw of a more modern westernized city such as Tokyo. Sanshiro moved to Tokyo and saw life completely different then his countryside home. He opened his eyes to the city life

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2675 words - 11 pages realized is the relationships of neighbors. They have been neighborhoods for 5 years or more but they do not know each other. Not only I saw this thing but also my classmates witnessed this. At first, I felt that it was so strange but year by year I understood why city dwellers could not know someone living around them. City dwellers have their jobs and there are a lot of other relationships in their companies, their life which must be dealt with

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659 words - 3 pages this space creates something of a crisis.The story shows the extreme regimentation of life in the crowded city and gives us insights into a carefully controlled culture where housing, education, moving people forcibly from rural to urban areas, the doling out of jobs, are all controlled by the central bureaucracy of the government. This is a rather generous portrait of Chinese Communism (also called "Maoism" in the past). Near the end of the

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600 words - 2 pages In the novel "Anna Karenin" by Leo Tolstoy, the countryside is a place of peacefulness and satisfaction. Tolstoy uses a country and city setting to establish his point of view through the character Levin, who seems to belong to the countryside. It is idyllic how farmers and agriculture in this novel seem to contribute to one's happiness in life. In the city, life seems rather discontented and unnatural.The country is often seen as a place of

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