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City Vs Country: The Great Debate

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The majority of people can remember the time they first heard the tale of “The Town Mouse and the City Mouse,” but nowadays, the paradigms once expressed by the revered Aesop may not reflect the advancements made by society, which have changed lifestyles in both the cities, and the rural country areas. While there are many advocates on both ends of the spectrum, a clear consensus has never truly been reached. While the city is clearly favorable in terms of ease of access, city life triumphs when it comes to costs of living; however, country life cannot provide the diverse experiences city life may, though at the expense of environmental factors.
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The average taxes in states with predominantly rural, country areas is almost always lower that those around metropolitan, urban cities whether state, property, or merchandise taxes are taken into account. In the country, fresh produce, and other grocery items may not be easily attainable from a supermarket, and the variety may be lacking, but goods from a Farmer’s Market, or better yet homegrown, are significantly less costly. In a city, the housing market is also extremely elevated, but in a country situation, a house with a sufficient number of bathrooms is far from unattainable. Thus, it can be asserted that overall, living in the country is much cheaper than life in urban areas.
One of the greatest perks of life in the city is the number and variety in the experiences available there. Cities are the undeniable melting pots of diversity and within a city, a plethora of numerous ethnic communities can be located. This allows an inhabitant of a city to mingle with other cultures, and experience things that simply cannot be attained out in the county. If a community has a good mix of different demographics, rather than a small circle of conforming country livers, it teachers tolerance and acceptance of others, whether this is based on ethnicity, or other factors that make people unique. In addition...

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