Civic Engagement: Fossil Fuels And Renewable Energy

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Energy production has always been a hot topic in the United States. More specifically, Oklahoma has been on the forefront of energy production. Oklahoma is viewed as a front runner in the energy industry, and the United States is always turning to Oklahoma when in need of creating new sources of energy; an example being compressed natural gas. The United States hopes to influence the nation to climb aboard the train that leads to reliable sources of energy by generating new public policies. Many public policies have been set into motion by both governmental parties and are currently trying to authorize programs that will engender economical energy efficiency by agreeably relying on renewable energy rather than fossil fuels. There are many advantages and disadvantages to converting to fossil fuels but whether you agree or not, renewable energy is the future of the United States.
Energy production is vital to the United States. The United States current main reliance for energy is importing oil and other sources of energy from foreign countries such as Saudi Arabia. However, the United States is determined to alter this current reliance and convert the U.S. into a major energy producing country. Energy relates to nearly every person in the country because almost everyone relies on some sort of energy in their everyday lives. In relation to importance to the people, without energy, life would be incredibly different from what it is today. Almost everything you use happens to rely or connect to some sort of energy in order to produce, maintain, or even power that certain thing. The United States currently relies on fossil fuels to power the majority of our products which will eventually create problems in the field of energy production.
The future of energy production will decrease from the consumption of fossil fuels to reliable sources of renewable energy. There are multiple reasons for the translation from fossil fuels to renewable energy, but it is ultimately credited to the scarcity of fossil fuels. Renewable energy is a valuable commodity in the United States and continues to be an emerging industry. Renewable energy is a reliable source of energy and can be created by humans rather than waiting thousands of years for fossil fuels to appear from fossil deposits in the ground. There are many ways to harvest renewable energy and many of them are by inventions that are engineered by humans which allow renewable energy to be produced at any given time with the proper equipment. This allows the people of this nation to reduce the fretting about eventually running out of reliable sources of energy and essentially not having any source of energy which would obviously influence epidemical chaos in the nation. Running out of power isn’t an immediate issue at hand; it is a hypothetical issue that could be likely to appear in the distant future.
However, the United States is looking to Oklahoma in its search of reliable sources of renewable energy....

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