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In my Civic Engagement Essay, the leader I choose was Horace Mann who lived from 1776 to 1859 and had a profound influence on what we call the education system. Mann started off his career in life as a lawyer in Massachusetts. While he was good at being a lawyer he soon found himself elected to the senate set for Massachusetts State. In this position he quickly came to realize that the state’s schools were performing poorly and was highly unorganized. At this point in history teacher were either poorly trained or not trained at all. In addition to the lack of qualified teachers the state also faced high levels of poverty which kept many children from attending school (Baines, 2006).
In Order to rectify the situation of depressed attendance numbers and lack of qualified educators; Mann took on this challenge to enact reformation of the education system. He accomplished through many different avenues. His first advance in education what to establish a school for the mentally handicapped which during his time was unheard of. Before then there had never been a school that catered to a specific subset of children with special needs. Following this same path he also implemented the idea of having colleges setup that would cater specify to the education and training of teacher. He felt that it was important to have well trained teacher in order for the schools to be successful in teach children (Baines, 2006).
Mann’s highest achievement in the advancement of education was when he created was the first interracial, coed, and free school system. This would allow anyone from any race to attend school without the financial burdens that had kept the poor out of school in the past. Mann’s vision for doing this was to create a unified collective within his state in order to advance diversity in education. He was able to push for this reform in education by inspiring others is the fact that education was a way to influence moral behaviors. He saw education as the tool guild the morality of others (Baines, 2006).
Mann was held as a leader in the education reform movement for much reason. The first if the qualities...

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