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IntroductionAs British colonial rule in Hong Kong has come an end, the "new" local government finds itself in a political environment that is unprecedentedly turbulent. The upholding of "one country two system" has resumed the sovereignty over the territory and the involvements of China in Hong Kong domestic affairs have inevitably increase so as the dampening effect in democratization. However the "new" government led by Mr. Tung has not yet escaped from the administration-led notion build up by the colonial political regime and the incessant political challenges after 1997 did neither changed it. The political reality is that political anxieties and fears engendered by uncertainties associated with social, economical and political after 1997 have raised consciousness and spurred political demands on the government.Has the political changes transformed the attitude of Hong Kong people towards democracy? To explore the issue I would first summarize the finding of the article "Political values" in "The ethos of the Hong Kong Chinese" and would focus the discussion on the political participation of Hong Kong Chinese.Political Values - The ethos of the Hong Kong ChineseMild Democratic AspirationsPublic satisfactory with the existing political system does not mean that Hong Kong people lack the desire for institutional changes. However it is subjected to certain circumstances. 79.3 percent of respondents agreed and 7.2 percent strongly agreed that any political reform should be gradual . This indicated a passive response of the Hong Kong Chinese to the call for Democratization and their conservation orientation.A plurality of respondents (43.9 percent) tended to define democratic government as a government that consults public opinion rather than one that is popularly elected . Accordingly, democratic reform as expected by many people was basically the improvement of the existing system rather than a drastic departure from it.Traditionalistic Concept of Good GovernmentHong Kong peoples held traditional view toward the concept of a good government, as the study revealed. It was seen as an instrumental and pragmatic in the sense that the government was perceived primarily as service deliverer and benefactor with unlimited resources that intervention social affairs is also legitimate. There was desire to achieve a paternalistically government that in contradiction to the wide accepted view of limited government on economic affairsPolitical involvementIt was generally perceived that political interest was remained low in Hong Kong, revealed in a survey commissioned by the South China Morning Post in 1986, that political matters ranked very low in the priority list of tasks for the government . It is not difficult to find out the reason for it. The pervasive sense of political powerlessness was the main reason for it. Most people in the survey believed that they could have little influence on the government's local politics and denied that they had any...

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