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Civil Engineering Overview And Why It Is Right For Me.. With Citations

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People have a variety of interests and skills, which allow them to fit in to the job that complements these attributes. Things like the way people think, the way they score on tests of any nature and what they like allow them to find their niche in society. Careers come in all different shapes and sizes to fit these attributes of any person. Through thorough investigating and consideration, I have come to a career that fits me exceptionally well, Civil Engineering.Civil engineers plan, design, and direct the construction and up keeping of roads, bridges, pipelines, airports, waste water systems, and many other civil projects. They can work in a specific field like construction, land development, structural or hydraulic design, soil mechanics, waste water treatment, or solid waste management. They can also work with specialists on general problems like soil contamination, ground contamination, water contamination or energy development. "Civil Engineers can also design features of a project, then direct the work of drawing plans, write specifications on it and prepare the final cost estimates of it." (Civil Engineers P. 356)Civil engineers work in many diverse job locations. These locations can vary from quiet office rooms to noisy job sites. Civil engineers may also work in laboratories and industrial plants. "They may travel frequently or relocate temporarily while working on a distant project." (Occupational Outlook Handbook)Though civil engineers do the majority of work by themselves, the may collaborate on different assignments or jobs. They may sometimes work in groups or teams to complete a project. They work year-round except in areas where weather might inhibit completion of a project. Occasionally, civil engineers travel to or relocate temporarily to job sites. Most of the time, civil engineers work a 40-hour week but when deadlines call for it, they will exceed the standard working week hours.For most starting civil engineering jobs, a bachelor's degree in engineering is required. Along with college graduates with a bachelor's in engineering, college graduates with a bachelor's degree in mathematics and physics are sometimes eligble for a few engineering jobs. "Graduate training is essential for engineering faculty positions but is not required for the majority of entry level engineering jobs." (Career Browser: Civil Engineers) A lot of civil engineers get a master's degree to learn new technology and increase their chance for promotion. Every state requires registration for engineers "whose work may affect life, health, or property, or who offer their services to the public." (Occupational Outlook Handbook)The occupation of civil engineering is expected to increase about as fast as the average for all occupations through the year 2005, urged on by population growth and and an expanding economy. "Between 1992 and 2002, civil engineering increased its jobs by approximately 32%". (California Occupational Guide) "Almost one-third of the...

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