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Civil Rights Around The World Essay

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Throughout history, people have fought for equality and started civil rights movement to change the world they were living in. The road to freedom and equality has never been easy. Being met with struggles and force, pushing past it all can be difficult. Though Tiananmen square and Oxford happened on opposite sides of the world, there were still some similarities between the two. The events that took place in Blood Done Sign My Name are very similar to what happened in Tiananmen Square in 1989.
The events in Tiananmen Square started to unfold after the death of Hu Yaobang, which was on April 15th, 1989. Yaobang was a leader of the People’s Republic of China who was known for his tolerance for others opinions and his support for economic and political reforms, (Hu Yoabang).He was a symbol of democratic reform and was seen as a leader to thousands. A day before his funeral, 100,000 students had marched to Tiananmen Square to mourn his death and stand together against the authoritative Chinese government. The protest started in Tiananmen Square, located in Beijing, and started to spread throughout China. The peaceful protest began in April and continued on into June. On May 19th, a rally was held by the General secretary of China asking for the demonstrations to end, (Tiananmen Square Protests of 1989). By the time the demonstrations reached to May, there were already a million people positioned in the square, (CNN). It was not until June 4th that the Chinese army sent its troops to end the protest. Many of the students tried to escape the force of the troops, while others started to retaliate against the troops that were sent there, (Two Chinas). Some of the protesters started to stone and set the police vehicles on fire. Thousands of people were killed or arrested when the army arrived to take back Tiananmen Square. After the massacre many other people were executed.
Blood Done Sign My Name is a story narrated by Timothy Tyson, who was a young boy when the civil rights movements found its way into Oxford, North Carolina. It took one action to get the people riled up and that was the death of a local black man named Henry Marrow. As the riots start and the town’s people are choosing sides, Timothy tells what him and his family experience through it all. The black townspeople in Oxford have never been treated with equality and when the Teel’s killed Henry, something sparked within everyone. “Though black citizens had their own lives, families, churches, and social institutions, which they had little desire to abandon, they did not accept this “way of life” that relegated them to a lower caste,” (Tyson, Timothy). People were already unhappy with the way they were living in Oxford. Timothy’s father, Vernon Tyson, tries to bring blacks and whites together through the one thing many of them had in common, which was God and church. He had always taught his family that everyone was equal to God and that they should be treated as such. His job as a...

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