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For a long time, African- Americans had been treated unfairly. Many of them couldn’t have normal lives and go to school. Segregation was everywhere. However, many Civil Rights leaders took steps to bring back fairness to African-Americans which they hadn’t had since a long time ago. As time went by, the Civil Rights Movement had improved African-American community tremendously. It moved from the Brown v. Board which concluded that “separate but equal” policy was unconstitutional to the Black Power. However, the movement gradually lost its momentum when people within the African-American community turned to fight at each other. Although there were many methods that the Civil Rights leaders used but mainly there were violent and pacifist methods. We can take Martin Luther King Junior as an example of non-violent and Malcolm X and Stokely Carmichael for violent methods.
Martin Luther King Junior, Malcolm X, and Stokely Carmichaels were among the famous Civil Rights leaders. Each of them had their own methods to fight for African- American equality. Martin Luther King Junior was famous for his speech, his patience, and his non- violent methods. In the Montgomery Boycott, he used the “conciliatory and oratorical” method. Even when he was arrested in Birmingham, he didn’t do anything violent. He just calmly wrote a letter which was very touching, meaningful, and convincing. He is known for his famous speech “I have a dream” which attracted about 200,000 participants. Compared to Martin Luther King Junior, Malcolm X, and Stokely Carmichael were more aggressive and followed the violent methods. Malcolm X was a spokesman for the Muslim. He used to state that African-Americans must take control the political and economic resources of the community and trust only African- Americans. He also insisted that African- Americans shouldn’t corporate with Americans. He disagreed with King about his non- violent campaign. He used to state that “I don’t see any American dream,” and that “I see an American nightmare.” Similarly to Malcolm X, Stokely Carmichael was a Civil Rights leader who followed violent methods. However, at the beginning he followed King and his non- violent method. Not until he witnessed the people of non- violent campaign being treated severely that he changed his opinion. He was also the one who started the Black Power in 1966.

Civil Rights leaders had many ways to bring the Civil Rights Movement to national attention. However, the most useful way was protesting and sit-in peacefully for a long time to draw the public’s attention. The Brown v. Broad 1954 was started by Oliver Brown who came to the court because his daughter had to go to a further school rather than the school near the house because of the “separate but equal” policy. The Montgomery Boycott 1955 which was a boycott lasted about a year. The African American refused to use segregated transportation for a long time which made the business community lose thousands of dollars. The...

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