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Civil Rights: Endeavor For Equality Essay

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Discrimination, segregation, and inequality have all shaped the last centuries in American History while blacks and other minorities were left with the bad end of the bargain. These basic liberties are provided for all minorities today but were won through relentless resistance throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s. “Separate but Equal” was often a phrase used to wrapped the black community through the south with segregation. While other figures captured the constant tension through art and literature. The effects of racial prejudice were solidified through Jim Crow laws and segregation, yet through blood and toil equal rights were won for all races and ethnicities.
The first 200 years of America’s history were molded through slavery, but conditions hardly improved for blacks once they were declared free. Mainly throughout the southern states racism ruled supreme. The Civil Rights movement first was electrified in ...view middle of the document...

Soon in 1961 the Freedom Riders are formed as a group of blacks that peacefully disobeyed newly formed segregation laws on public transportation systems such as public buses.
The most notorious leader of the civil rights movement, Martin Luther King Jr. was arrested in Birmingham Alabama in April of 1963. Here King Jr. wrote the prolific “Letter from Birmingham Jail” that somewhat guided the blacks through the next few decades. Later in August of the same year, Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “ I Have a Dream” speech. This was the most widely recognized speech of the entire movement when hundreds of thousands of people of all races congregated at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. He had dreamed of a country when blacks and whites could all live in perfect harmony among the same laws and equal rights.
In 1964, a huge step was taken, but not by a black. President Lyndon B. Johnson created the Civil Rights act of 1964. This granted all minorities equal rights in terms of business. The next few years the blacks put constant tension on whites in hopes gaining equal rights. The tides slowly turned and a new America was born. An America in which Martin Luther King Jr. had imagined. One where little black boys and girls will hold hands with little white boys and girls.
Yet this battle for basic civil liberties was not won with words necessarily. Blacks endured harsh punishment for their protest. They put their life on the line in order to provide freedom for their community. In 1955 a young boy named Emmett Till was brutally murdered by two white men in Mississippi. Blacks willingly risked their life during protest all for a greater cause. Countless leaders and even every-day-people where abused and even killed. Many of these every-day-people practiced civil disobedience. This is a form of protest mainly nonviolent where numerous blacks disobeyed unjust laws. Certain forms of protest such as sit-ins, blockades, or even using the “White” restroom were performed. These acts put some protestors in jail, and often ended in violence toward the blacks, yet they gained national sympathy from every corner of the country.

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