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Civil Rights Essay Mr. Regan Us History High Tech/Us History 1 Essay

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Karena Chazin
US History 2
Mr. Regan
May 21, 2017
Civil Rights Essay
Civil rights for all is a complicated issue that America has been facing decades. Progress has been made since the beginning of any civil rights movements, but this progress is small compared to the inequality that remains. In recent years, civil rights for blacks has been coming up as a major issue again, and people are starting to feel as though any progress that had been made has regressed. I do not believe that civil rights have regressed in recent years, but I do believe that our society is nowhere close to equality.
To say that civil rights for black men and women have regressed in recent years would mean that conditions are worse off than before. The Civil Rights Movement came so far, and since then America has made a lot of progress. I do not think that this progress is enough, our society still does not have equal rights for everyone, but we are in no worse of a place than before the Civil Rights Movement happened. The progress that has been made is good, it could be better, but it is still a starting point. From 1940 to 1970, black men cut the income gap by about a third, and by 1970 they were earning roughly 60 percent of what white men took in, on average. Today more than 30 percent of black men and nearly 60 percent of black women hold white-collar jobs. And in 1970, only 2.2 percent of American physicians were black, that number has gone up to 4.5 percent (Thernstrom). This progress should be noted, the media tends to only cover the bad things. Everything has to start somewhere, so as long as this small amount of change is taken as a first-step, then we can start to work towards more progress in the future.
However, a little bit of progress does not make up for all of the negatives. Obviously, discrimination against blacks still exists. 41% of blacks say that there is “a lot of discrimination against African-Americans” and 47% of blacks say there is “some discrimination”, while only 14% of whites say there is “a...

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