Civil Rights: Government And Society Essay

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Google Definition of ‘’Civil Rights’’- “the rights of citizens to political and social freedom and equality.”
My Definition of ‘’Civil Rights”- “governmental and society liberties that are communal among all citizens.”

When the United States of America was starting to become its very own country it had a lot of conflict on slavery and if African-Americans shall receive the rights that the whites did. It overall led into a war but I will be explaining the rights, scenarios, and struggles that were occurring back them. During the 1800’s to the 20th century, African Americans where slaves and they did not have rights as citizens, even if they were born in America. As tension rose between the north and south and as they began to spread apart, the thought of having slaves was a no! South wanted slaves and they wanted to keep them but the north disagreed. The fact that everyone is created equally, that everyone should be treated as fair as the next, that there was indeed no significant race, everyone deserved freedom and the pursuit of happiness is what the north contemplated about.
You may wonder or ask why didn’t the presidents that didn’t believe slavery was right end it so early. The reason is because slavery was a big thing back then, it brought a lot money into the South and it was also going to be a hard thing to fight. Some presidents thought that they didn’t have constitutional power or the right to abolish slavery. Also during that time the constitution was being written, an agreement was need to be made between all the states and they all had their disagreements about slavery. The government would not have been formed if they thought about ending slavery because not all the states were going to agree and every state needed to come to a consensus. But as time went by African Americans thought that it was erroneous and that they should have rights as citizens as well, so they started protesting.
During that time, events were transpiring for instance “lynch mobs”. A “lynch mob,” is when a group of dissenters kills or attacks a person that is believed to have committed a crime, or based on their race. About 2500 blacks and 1300 whites were lynched in the south between the years 1882 and 1968. It wasn’t only done because people had a different skin tone, it was also done based on what religion you practiced, or if you had broken a social order, which is a rule amongst society that you just don’t break at all. For example a white woman having an affair with a black man. That was considered wrong and people were often killed for that or a white person going to a black person’s house, it was even considered inapt for a white person to converse with a black person. Lynching included shooting, burning at the stake, but predominantly hanging. As racism escalated, black people wanted it to end.
There was also a series of laws called the “Jim Crow Laws,” that segregated public places between white people and African Americans. They banned blacks and...

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