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Civil Rights Leaders: Martin Luther King Vs. Malcolm X Shows Differences Between The Two Leaders' Ways Of Trying To Achieve Rights For Blacks In The Struggle For Civil Rights

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In the 1960's, there was much unrest going on in the United States. It was the civil rights movement. Black Americans wanted to be treated equally, and fairly, not only in regular life, but other aspects of the government. But these black people were not unorganized; they had leaders of their own. Although they were leading the same cause, they had different viewpoints about achieving the generic goal. Two of these leaders were Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.One of the two extremes between the way to gain civil rights was violence. The Man that took after this type of protest was named Malcolm Little. He considered his last name to be part of his slave past, as slave-owners had named ...view middle of the document...

They were called Black Muslims, and were led by Elijah Mohammad, and together preached philosophy similar to Marcus Garvey's UNIA. Favoring a path of racial separation for Black Americans and black self-determination, these people viewed white Americans with suspicion, if not hatred, and had no interests in integrating with the white peoples. When 1964 began to roll around, his philosophies began to catch on in black ghettos in inner cities. Later on, other members of the Black Muslims began to resent him, and he quit. He, however, continued to preach his views on black separatism, and using vengeful ways on obtaining it. On February 21, 1965, three men, two of whom were members of the Black Muslims, killed him. As you can see, this man Malcolm X had a very extreme view on civil rights. He believed that violence would get the blacks what they wanted.Another extremist view, though not quite extreme as violence is the act of the nonviolent protest manners of Martin Luther King Jr. His model for nonviolent protest was Mohandas Ghandi, who had led India's struggle to become independent of Britain. They both preached the message of love and nonviolent resistance. Some call it Civil Disobedience, which is nonviolent rebellion. He started his struggle for civil rights in Montgomery, Alabama, where he became pastor of a Black Baptist Church. Rosa Parks, a black woman, was arrested in Montgomery for refusing to follow a law. This law made it so that black people had to give up their seats to white people. To protest, King helped lead a bus boycott of the city bus system. While leading, he earned hatred of many whites, and was eventually arrested and thrown in jail. There, he wrote a letter, know as the "Letter from Birmingham Jail." Although he was in jail, he urged protesters not to respond to any violence they may encounter....

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