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Civil Rights Research Paper

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On December 1st, 1955, one woman sparked the flame that would ignite into a wildfire, simply by standing up for her rights that had been denied her for so long. After a long, tiring day at work, Rosa Parks boarded a bus and sat in the colored section of the vehicle. When the there were no more seats available in the white section, the bus driver moved the colored sign a row back, and told the four African-Americans to move. While three went to the back of the bus, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat. She was arrested promptly and released on bail that evening. This simple act of defiance resulted in the civil rights movement, which was already gaining momentum in the U.S. with the case ...view middle of the document...

Surveys from the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette reveal that “ 63% of people said they would be fine if a family member married outside of his or her race” (Balingit). With the disapproval rates of interracial marriages falling, the number of people falling in love regardless of color is on a rise.

The election of Barack Obama in 2008 is confirmation that America is heading towards a more racially tolerant society. In 1619, the first African-American slaves landed in America, and until 1865, they were treated brutally, like they were less than human. And even afterwards, African-Americans were still considered second-class citizens. They were required to follow racial etiquette in the South, while white people were allowed to trample completely over African-Americans rights. The election, and the reelection of Barack Obama as well has proved that America is beginning to fully embrace its diversity. And with more African-Americans stepping up to leadership positions and performing to their full ability, America is truly progressing into a land of opportunity. As the Wisconsin State Journal stated, “America needs the best for, and from, all of its citizens to succeed in an increasingly and competitive and connected world. Prejudice holds back progress” (Continue Drive Toward King’s Drive).

As America is advancing towards a more racially tolerant society, the South is as well. For centuries now, hate crimes have been occurring, and until recently, the culprit behind the crimes would usually manage to elude arrest, since the law enforcement also believed that African-Americans were inferior to them. African-Americans were victims of lynchings, assaults and murders, all because they were simply standing up for their rights. Many times, the Ku Klux Klan, an organization which advocate white supremacy, were behind the attacks. In spite of the South’s dark history with racism, law enforcement is now taking new measures to compensate the families of victims who had suffered for years. According to Mark Potok, an employee at the Southern Poverty Law Center, “twenty-three murders have been re-examined in the South, resulting in...

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