Civil Unions And Same Sex Marriages Essay

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In this essay i’ll be describing the sociogical forces and the problems created by same-sex marriage and the civil unions in america.
Sociological forces are task that are made to influence or cause change to and individual or a group of people two controversial social forces are civil unions and same-sex marriage. First society commonly states that marriage is a commit honor between men and women to take care of each other until death do them apart. Now we have same-sex marriages through out the united states in different states in the the 50’s and 60’s this wasn’t allowed and being gay or lesbian was consider a person with a mental illness. The Controversy today on same –sex marriage what ...view middle of the document...

There are variety of sociological forces that inspire the civil union. The civil union has created structure and ‘protection against discrimination based upon marital status’ of couples in a same-sex realtionship (Benefits of Civil Unions, 2013). Without the civil union same sex couples would be treated bad because half of society already treat gays and lesbians like the scum of the earth.” Parties to a civil union can modify the terms, conditions, or effects of their legal relationship in the same manner and to the same extent as married people can through premarital and other agreements recognized and enforceable under the Vermont law” (Benefits of Civil Unions, 2013). The civil union structures same-sex couples seeking to get married because most states ban same-sex marrige this allows couples to take the proper steps until there state allow the law to come into affect. The civil union also helps with medical benefits for same-sex marrige if ones spouse is hospitalize or in need of a medical procedure there partner is giving the option to determine what goes on if the spouse can’t.
Both same-sex marriage and the civil union have there ramifacations on society. One ramifaction is who time consuming both processes are if you think about from the 1960’s...

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