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Civility Is A Key For A Good Life

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To live a happy life with understanding and ease with others, there are some ‎components that are crucial to achieve that quality of life and civility is important one ‎of them because it makes our manner better and our relationships is good which leads ‎to make our live better. So I agree with Forni argument "to learn how to be happy we ‎must learn how to live well with others, and civility is a key of that".‎
When we learn civility that prevent the possibility of cross-cultural misunderstanding ‎and conflict due to cultural diversity or other reason .so by Forni rules of choosing ‎civility we have a guide to treat other nicely which improve our manners and make a ‎good relationship . ‎

According to Oxford advanced learners dictionary, civility means politeness and ‎saying nice remarks to others. Why does one need to be civil?‎
‎-Building good relationships with others that make life easier, no one can live ‎alone.‎

If a person is not civil enough, how would life be to him/her others, and what kind of ‎social relationships or interaction would they expect? Harder, more stressful, lonelier ‎and sad.‎
Simply" good relationships make our lives good; bad relationships make our lives ‎bad" forni , because no one can live without others, loving people, caring about them ‎and being cared by them are what truly give genuine value and purpose of one’s life.‎
Having good relationships with others means:‎
‎-‎ Feeling content and valuable in life
‎-‎ Being able to love and experience being loved by others
‎-‎ Being a team player at different aspects of life, such as family, work, and ‎social life.‎
‎-‎ Being wiser through learning from other people’s experiences.‎
‎-‎ Co-operation and good networks ‎
‎-‎ Happy environment at home, school, work, …etc
‎-‎ Being realistic and understanding that no one is perfect, so tolerance is ‎important for stabilizing relationships with others.‎
‎“ If civilization is to survive, we must cultivate the science of human ‎relationships- the ability...


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