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Civilization And Savagery In Lord Of The Files By William Golding

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The story begins off as several British boys landing on a deserted island due to their airplane being shot down. Among the boys Ralph and Piggy find a conch shell and blow it to summon the boys across the island. After that the kids have a vote and vote Ralph as the chief. Then Ralph appoints Jack to the Head Hunter. Under Ralph’s rules they create fire and have rules. During their time on the Island Jack and his hunters go out and hunt pigs to put the food on the table. Later in the book several Little-uns are scared of a beast that one of them saw. Soon Jack and Ralph have an argument which results in Jack abandoning Ralph’s group to create his own. Gradually kids ditch Ralph’s group to join Jack’s group because Jack has meat. Kids under Jack’s influence experience love of hunting which results in violent actions and murders.

Here is a quote from Piggy which summarizes the main theme of the book.

Themes, the main theme of ...view middle of the document...

The freedom away from society and order draws kids to pursue fun rather than working hard. We can tell that Golding is trying to express that humans are fundamentally savages and are selfish.

Ralph represents civilization, order and the good
Jack represents savagery and the desire for power
Roger is just an ultimate sociopath, he enjoys torturing kids
Piggy represents science and rationality since he’s always trying to reason with people and find out the truth
Simon represents Jesus Christ because he was trying to deliver the truth, and violent actions prevented him from telling the truth to the group

From the start there were altercations between boys. One conflict that stood out was between Jack and Ralph. They had completely different viewpoints from each other. Ralph wanted to be rescued and tried to set rules, while Jack wanted to enjoy their time on the island and hunt pigs. Their differences created friction between their friendship, which weakened the bond between the group.

Lost a popular TV series has many aspects that are similar to Lord of The Files. First of all the setting of Lost starts like this, several people are stuck on a deserted island after the plane crash, and are now forced to survive within themselves. Which is basically the setting of LOTF

The characters also share a lot of similarities. Jack Shepherd is like Ralph since he was the consensus leader and gives orders to people. He believes in civilization and his main focus is to be rescued. Sawyer is like Jack since he opposes the chief’s ideas and orders. Just like Jack from Lord of the Flies he is willing to use violence rather than reasoning. Hurley is like Piggy because they are both physically large; also they act as a peace maker who doesn’t use violence.

One common symbolism in both stories there is a frightening monster called the beast. The beast symbolizes the fear within the people on the island. The fear of the beast drives the kids to use violence. In the show Lost they killed Shannon because people misinterpreted her as a beast and murdered her, just like how in Lord of the Flies they killed Simon because they thought that he was the beast and were scared

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