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Civitan Club Essay About Serving Others And Also How I Can Serve At Home School Essay

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How can I be of Service Within
The Next 100 Days to My
Community, School, and
Atlee Griffin
8th Grade
Guntersville Middle School
Guntersville Civitan Club
How can I be of service within the next 100 days to my community, school, and
family? Let me share my ideas with you. First of all, I have a burden for the children
that go hungry over the weekends. Secondly, I wish for more equality at school
between groups, clubs, sports and scholars. And lastly, I want to learn how to cook to
have a meal ready for my family at night and also spend more time with my grandfather,
who has dementia.
I have a heavy heart for children that might otherwise go hungry over the
weekends. Some children don’t eat at home after their last meal on Friday at school
until their meal on Monday mornings at school. Children that are hungry are not able to
focus at school because they are thinking about when they are going to get their next
meal. My family and I volunteer every Thursday night at Blessings in a Backpack. By
attending, we help out with bringing the food from the grocer, unpacking it, re-packing it,
and delivering it to the schools. For a few hours of my time each week, there is a
chance to make a difference in the life of a child who might otherwise go hungry. By
getting the nutrition the child needs, they can perform and have better grades in school.
The Guntersville Middle School has very talented students, academically and
physically. Recently, the Beta Club won a competition in Scholars Bowl. Although we
were very excited that our Scholars won a trip to compete against other teams, it was a
burden to find out the...

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