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Cj440 Unit 5 Assignment

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Law Enforcement Crisis Intervention ProjectRobert JonesKaplan UniversityCrisis InterventionCJ440Professor Michael PozesnyJanuary 11, 2014Running head: LAW ENFORCEMENT CRISIS INTERVENTION PROJECT 1LAW ENFORCEMENT CRISIS INTERVENTION PROJECT 8LAW ENFORCEMENT CRISIS INTERVENTION PROJECT 2Law Enforcement Crisis Intervention ProjectIn order to fully understand how to handle a crisis, law enforcement and front-line personnel must have a general understanding of what a crisis is. A crisis can be described as a personal difficulty or situation that immobilizes people and prevents them from consciously controlling their lives (Belkin, 1984, p. 424).A crisis cannot be resolved by a person's customary problem-solving abilities. Moreover, every person's crisis and the method it is handled may differ. Crisis can be extremely dangerous as it can overwhelm the individual to the extent that serious pathology, including homicide and suicide, may result (James & Gililand, 2008). When a crisis reaches this point, law enforcement and other first responders are usually the first to be summoned. Conversably, it is imperative that first responders receive the appropriate training to deal with persons in crisis. Appropriate training is crucial and can determine whether a crisis worker will be of help or hindrance in a crisis situation. Law enforcement and other professionals did not always recognize the importance of crisis intervention training.Beginning in the 1970's, community and professional attitudes towards crisis intervention began to change for the better. Professionals began to realize that every crisis was different but all required immediate intervention in order to interrupt and reduce crisis reactions and restore affected individuals to a functional state. This realization coupled with numerous tragic interactions between law enforcement and those experiencing crisis resulted in the development of Crisis Intervention Training (CIT). Law enforcement spends an inordinate amount of their time performing crisis intervention due to some kind of emotional disturbance (Luckett & Slaikeu, 1990, p. 228). They also come into contact with persons who suffer from mental illnesses or who are emotionally disturbed and are experiencing a crisis on the regular.CIT was developed in 1987 in Memphis, Tennessee and was designed to teach law enforcement personnel how to deal with persons who were mentally ill or emotionally disturbed and were going through a crisis situation. Professionals recognized that trained officers were capable of de-escalating a crisis situation by their understanding and ability to relate to what the person was going through. For law enforcement agencies, this training is an invaluable investment when officers are able to readily de-escalate a crisis and settle a situation with appropriate skills and pertinent knowledge combined with compassion and understanding. The training can reduce the anxiety that officer's face when dealing with a...

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