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Cladding On Buildings Trespa Essay

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What is meant by cladding?"It is a description of the external envelope of framed buildings, which clothe or clad the building in a protective coating that is hung, supported by or secured to the skeleton or structural frame."The external walls of framed buildings differ from traditional load bearing walls because the structural frame has an effect on, and hence influences the design of, the wall structure that it supports. The use of the materials used on the bicentennial were influenced by the relative behaviour of the structural frame and the wall to accommodate differential structural, thermal and moisture movements that affect the functional requirements of the wall, but in each case the skin is designed to carry no weight other than its own.Nowadays the word cladding is applied universally of building facade systems, natural stone has come about due to development of steel and concrete frames and the consequent potential to clothe these structures with non-loadbearing exterior walls. In this case Cast Stone Ashlar walling/ Dressing was used on the Bicentennial Building. 1- Stonework - ashlarThe specification;Stonework; Taylor Maxwell cast stone units; minimum compressive strength 40N/sq mm; sandstone colour; fine acid etched texture; flush 6mm wide joints; bedding and flush pointed with cementThese are thin, non structural slabs of natural or reconstructed stone, which are fixed to the face of and supported by solid background walls or structural frames as a decorative finish. Because stone has a relatively low tensile strength, it needs to be supported and held in place when used as part of a cladding system in order to deal with any loads involved. Essentially there are two kinds of fixings - load-bearing and restraint - with each type usually made up of three elements - the part attached to the stone; the section that spans the cavity; and the piece that is fixed to the backing structure.The stone slabs are fixed so that there is a cavity between the back of the slab and the frame to allow room for fixings, tolerances and also to accommodate some little flexibility for different structural, thermal and moisture movements between the structure and the facing. The cavity space is about 10 -20mm and free from anything other than fixings so that the facing may suffer small movements without restraint by the background. See picture 7Restraint fixings are necessary to locate the facing units in true alignment and to resist wind pressure and suction forces acting on the wall. To allow for elastic and flexural movements there must be flexible horizontal joints below support fixings and vertical movement joints at intervals along the length of the facings. Both horizontal and vertical movement joints must be sufficiently flexible to accommodate anticipated movements and be water resistant to prevent penetration of rainwater.Loadbearing fixings are used at each floor level to support the weight of the stone and transfer the structural load back to...

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