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Is the death penalty a good solution to crime?
The death penalty is not a good solution to crime. The ultimate purpose of the justice system is to control crime by punishing criminals and protect people by imprisoning them. Compared to the death penalty, life imprisonment not only achieves the same goals but also in many ways it can be more effective than capital punishment. In the Vincent Brothers’ case of 2004, Brothers murdered five of his family members- his wife, children, and mother in law. During his trial, his only surviving daughter Margaret Kerns-Brothers gave a heart-wrenching testimony about how the moment she walks out of this courtroom, she would be resigning from the Brothers’ family. In her eyes, her biological father was only a man handcuffed to a chair. Brothers should have to live the rest of his life with his daughter’s words forever cut into his heart. This punishment is emotionally and mentally far worse than the death penalty. There are many other reasons why death penalty is shown to not be a good solution to crime. One of the problems is racial disparity. Jason Kotowski’s article in The (CA) Bakersfield California reports that, “Some thought Brothers was getting what he deserved (death sentence), while others argued that the jury was racially biased and Brothers didn’t receive a fair trial.” Many people believe that the death penalty is handed out unfairly to minorities. Statistics claim that African Americans make up only 13% of the US population, but nearly 50% ofthe people currently on death row are African American. There are many reported cases that African Americans were mistakenly put onto the death row largely based on their race. Many years later, new scientific evidence exonerated them but their innocent lives were already gone forever. Another big issue with capital punishment is morality. Death penalty is unhumane- it treats human life as disposable and unimportant. Some say that the criminal treated the victim’s lives unimportant as well and therefore they deserve the same punishment. In reality, capital punishment itself is an atrocity in which the court is commiting the same horrible crime that has been taken out on the victims by the killers. Additionally, statistics show that the states that have death penalty laws do not have lower criminal or murder rates than that of the states which have abolished it. The death penalty barely has any effect on the number of crimes committed, so there is no point in taking another life when it is only promoting an endless cycle of hatred and cruelty. Thus, the death penalty is not a good solution to crime.
Should a jury or judge take a criminal’s childhood background into account when determining their fate?
The jury or judge should take a criminal’s childhood background into account when determining one’s fate between the death penalty and life imprisonment. In Aileen Wuorno’s case of 1991, Aileen, originally born as Aileen Pittman in the year 1956, lived a deeply...

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