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Clara Barton And The Red Cross

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In the creation of the Red Cross there has been many mistakes that have been made. The rights of having the ability to stand up in what you be believe in shows some people have courage.
The Red Cross was founded in 1881 in Washington D.C by a woman named Clara Barton. The Red Cross is a movement that is made to protect the sick and wounded soldiers in the war. The Red Cross assisted survivors of disasters that were homeless and by providing food and water for the ones who needed it. It would allow wounded soldiers to be treated and recoup before being sent back into the war.It would supply homes for the people that had lost them during the war and the ones who lost it in natural disaters. During wars it would supply people with food and water and a place to stay. There would be shelters where doctors and nurses would help aid the hurt. Sometime they would use goods that were taken from other places in the Red Cross during their war. The American Red Cross relief was so successful because the International Red Cross modified its mission from providing war relief only to include peacetime and disaster assistance.
Clara Barton was a women who believed in what was right. She set out on a mission and she achieved it. In 1864 Clara Barton began to lobby for an American Branch of the Red Cross. Clara was known as a natural leader and a hero. After she found out the army had no supplies she would start to cut up sheets to make towels. She began working in forts and hospitals to help the wounded. She would travel around to nurse wounded soldiers that were hurt in the wars. As she traveled she would collect goods that could be used in order to aid the soldiers. She would use them in places that were less fortunate to have the goods to help them. Clara would also help aid soldiers that had lost homes and their belongings due to the war. Clara created a stock house where she has stockpiled goods for natural disasters and and things to help victims in need. She would gather and make food to supply for people to eat. She also supplied water for the people to drink. Clara set up an office that would help the soldiers family to locate the soldiers that are in the war. She would search for missing soldiers after the war was over. She had recruited many people to help find the missing. She had taken twenty two thousand people off of the missing persons list. Clara then ensured that families were to be continued to be notified about family members.
The Red Cross helped out many wars over the time. One war she helped was in 1899 which was the Johnstown Flood. The wall of water collapsed and which let seventy five feet of water rushing at forty five miles per hour through the Conemaugh valley. The flood took two thousand and two hundred lives and left tens of thousands of people homeless. The Red Cross distributed clothes, food, and medical supplies to hospitals and the people when needed. The Red Cross constructed a warehouse, three...

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