Clash Between Cultures Of East And West.

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Clash of culturesDebates on differences and rationalness of the cultures of East and West have always been made by philosophers and academic people throughout the history. Some of them defend that the western civilization is modern, rational and mature, whereas the eastern civilization is irrational and depraved. Others oppose this idea and say that western civilization is materialist, thinks only about wealth and it is poor in the name of human relations.Some people discuss that the world is rotating around the capital and individuals carry no value in the capitalist system of the western civilization unless he or she has money, because the most important thing for them is capital or money. In the west life is a battle of surviving, that is to say, people always have to worker harder and harder to make money. If a individual has no money and no chance to make money than he or she can not survive; he or she is left to death and nobody will help. As a result under these conditions all the moral values have been lost , relations among individuals have been minimized, and people have returned to their own worlds, namely individualism has arisen. Everything is for sale in the western civilization, you can buy houses, islands, ships, cars, wife, children and even the souls of people. According to them, this system is a result of highly developed technology and love for material and is a shame on humanity in front of God and should immediately be finished by returning to the roots of religion and validate its authority everywhere on earth. Which one is immoral, East or West? Which one is different and weird, East or West?In the winter of 1905, Pope Urban II gathered the First Crusade in which he demanded a holy war against Islam. The objective was to reclaim Jerusalem from the hands of the infidel. He called the Muslims as "an accused race, a race utterly alienated from God" Populist response to this call was immediate and widespread. The word "crusade" entered the vocabulary and generally meant removal of the enemy. After all, there are those today who similarly image a cultural clash between East and West. Each side insists that the other endangers civilization itself. Of course, only a crusader mentality does that. Civilization is a fragile thing since it is based on not only trust in one's fellows and some assurance that the future is possible, but also hope.It is believed by some that there is a cultural clash between East and West which is mainly because of two very different ways of thinking, namely tribal mentality in East and global mentality in West. A tribal mentality lives by suspicion and jingoism, which is extreme nationalism. Global thought perceives all the creatures as possessing a sacred quality and it should be treated with tenderness. East is closed and west is open. A closed mentality cannot put up with new truths and values. This closed mentality in the Ottoman Empire regarded the printing machine as an invention of the Evil and...

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