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Clash Of The Political Titans: Texas And The Us Government

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Both horses paw the ground in nervous excitement. The knights tightly grip their handles as they stoically stare at each other on either side of the long fence dividing them. The horses, feeling the imminence of battle, fidget uncontrollably. A cry in the air rings in both knights’ tin helmets like gunfire in a great hall. From one moment all was still, and the next both horses launch into full gallop down the fence picking up speed with each frantic paddle. Bracing, both knights close their eyes, the impact is coming. Much like this joust, The United States government contends with Texas government over many different issues. The long fence that divides these two powers is Federalism but much like in jousting, the lances are bound to cross this fence in a burst of splinters and sticks. By examining the contenders, The United States government and the Texas government, and their politics on issues such as immigration, we can get a better idea of the complex issues the system of Federalism can bring.
Federalism is described as “a system that balances the power and sovereignty of state governments with that of the national government. Both, the states and national government, derive their authority directly from the people, and the states have considerable autonomy within their areas of responsibility ”(Robison, Gibson). This means that we as citizens created these bodies of government to serve us. We assigned areas of responsibility to the United States government and also to Texas government through a contract called the Constitution, which dictates these areas of responsibility. These areas are usually clearly defined but along the fence, where these two areas of responsibility border, the fence can be broken or unclear. This is where the two bodies gear up for a battle to hold their claimed rights to the fence. This notorious and constant clash between Texas state government and United States government has been grounds for everything from small disputes between heads to the Civil War.
This concept of federalism is important in the relationship between the citizens of a nation and its hired politicians. The President of The United States, living in Washington D.C, hardly has the time to worry about the need for a stop sign on the corner of Waverly way and Bobs road in a rural city in Texas. Lets for a moment imagine a world where this was in his long list of responsibilities. This is a place The President has most likely never heard of or seen. He has no personal knowledge of the area or its immediate surroundings so any judgment he would make would, not only be in haste due to his now overwhelming list of duties, but would be a less educated one as well. It is impractical to go to Washington and send a bill through legislation to fill that pothole down the street. This is why our founders designed a system that left the big picture decision making to the federal government and the more intimate issues to the state and local governments....

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