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Classroom Management And Pull Out Services: Research Questions And Personal View On The Research Topic

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Area 2: Research Questions and Supporting Resources

Through my research, I created fifteen interview questions related to my topic of choice. Each of my research articles directly address my topic for this project, however some are specifically related to a particular aspect of my topic. In short, I compiled research and empirical studies on classroom management--the importance and influence it has on the everyday, overall functioning of the classroom and techniques and characteristics for effective classroom management, classroom management and its relation to students with special needs--the influence routine and structure have on students with disabilities and developmental delays, and finally pull-out services--what they are and the benefits and drawbacks of implementing them in inclusive educational settings.
My first question was derived from the work of Stevens and Lingo (2013) and Mundschenk, Miner and Nastally (2011) on classroom management. In their respective studies, both groups of authors stress the importance of classroom management, however each highlight different aspects of its influence in the classroom. While both articles relate to classroom management, Mundschenk et al. focus on the clarity and conciseness of classroom rules and routines, and the need to accurately and effectively communicate expectations to students; Stevens and Lingo, however, discuss effective classroom techniques and strategies for classroom management, offering ideas and tools for teachers, present and future. In my study I asked my participants a two part question,
Question 1- What is classroom management? Why is it important?
Based on the related articles from which this question was derived, I would expect to hear a response from my interview participants that indicated that classroom management is first the way in which a teacher structures and runs his or her classroom (Mundschenk et al. 2011) as well as provide specific examples of classroom management, for instance, “established rules and routines that are explicitly taught to ensure students’ understanding of classroom expectations” Stevens & Lingo 2013). In the second half of the question, referring to its importance in the classroom, I would expect answers that illicit the many areas of daily classroom functioning in which classroom management plays a part. Mentioned in the research of Mundschenk et al. (2011), I would have anticipated an response that discussed the effect of classroom management on student success, discipline and misbehavior in the classroom, and teacher planning and instruction.
My next few questions solely pertain to pull-out services in the inclusive classroom and specifically address pull-out services in each of my interview participants’ classrooms, schools, or children’s schools and classrooms. The basis of these new few questions are from the work of an anonymously penned article from a 2007 edition of Special Education Report as well as work by Mcleskey and...

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