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Hiearchy Of The Education System Essay

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Education over the past hundreds of years has made many changes and advances in the way it is run, what is included, and who is allowed to attend. The idea of a school board and what it is suppose to represent (serves) to a community has changed and has stuck to its founding principles.

The power of the educational system is controlled through a network hierarchy.There are three major levels in which power is transferred through the federal, state and local levels. The local school board is a representative group of members made up of elected citizens from that district. The local school board has the power in “[hiring] personnel to operate the schools, in determining organizational and administrative policy and evaluating the results of the program and the performance of personnel.”(Ryan and Cooper [Page 354]).

At the local district level a school board can range in size from nine to twelve members. There are two different ways a member can be added to the local school board by being “elected by citizens living in the school district or [being] appointed by the local government in which the school district is set” (Tozer, Senese, and Violas [Page 313]). An exception to this process is made in “some city school districts where school members are appointed by the city’s mayor.”(“Internal Structure of a School”)
People who run for the position of a school board member, are usually people who have a deeply rooted personal connection to that district. They are in most cases a parent of a child who is currently attending, or has attend in the past while their child was still in school. Members chose the position because they want to be a part of the change and policy making. In an official occupation “they are state officers (not simply local representatives), and they must follow guidelines and policies established by the legislature, and the state board of education, and the state department of education.”(Ryan and Cooper [Page 354])
The four most important positions are the superintendent, the president, the vice president and the parliamentarian. The superintendent is responsible as “the leader of the educational staff.” They are responsible “for proving direction and supervision for all aspects of the school district activity.”(Tozer, Senese, and Violas [Page 313]). Another role the superintendent is helded accountable for is advising “the school board on all matters before it, [recommending] policy to it, and [implementing] the policy decisions of the school board.”(Tozer, Senese, and Violas [Page 313]). The reason a board has a parliamentarian is they “assist organizations in the drafting and interpretation of bylaws and rules of order, and the planning and conduct of meetings.”("Parliamentarian").

The school board in Williamsville was founded in the same year it received its certification of admission on February 9,1893. The school board of Williamsville is made up of ten members, seven are male and three are...

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