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Information Of Class C Motorhomes Essay

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Many of us have fond memories of camping out in a tent and cooking over an open fire. But, as we age the ground gets harder and colder. We prefer our modern conveniences when we go trekking in the wild. You might say, the RV is the new tent!

While it's great fun to go window-shopping for motorhomes, attempts to tell one from the other can get frustrating. But, it's easy-breezy to identify whether an RV is class A, B or C once we know their distinguishing features.

This is the first of a series that will help you decide which type of motorhome best fits your lifestyle.

The first in our series shows what Class C motorhomes are.

For a rough idea of what Class C RVs are appearance-wise, picture a moving truck like U-Haul. Sometimes referred to as a mini motorhome, Class C vehicles are constructed on a cutaway truck or van chassis. A good way to distinguish Class Cs from Class A's is by the cab, which is part of the original truck or van.

Perched directly on top of the luxurious cab is an overhang that usually contains an extra bed. Generally, the entertainment center is mounted in the overhang. Actually, this is an awesome safety feature compared to Class A's, where the TV is over the driver's head.

You may be interested to know what class C motorhomes are in terms of amenities. Full kitchens are standard, as is the separate dining area. Bathrooms are good sized and generally contain a separate shower stall. You'll have generous storage space both inside and outside.

Electricity, generator, heating and A/C, water and propane, refrigerator, oven, microwave are standard amenities. Furniture is comfy and the cockpit is pretty plush.

Another popular benefit is the slide-out feature, which allows your home-on-wheels to expand in width while the vehicle is parked. Space in the main living area can be made roomier so you won't get that closed-in feeling.

If you've got kids, you'll embrace the fact they can remain in the living area while traveling. This feature alone is valuable since your kids can entertain themselves and...

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