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Class Conflict In Canada Essay

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The issue of class conflict in contemporary capitalism is an important obstacle affecting Canada. The capitalist system currently operating in Canada only adds to the differentiation among classes causing a larger rift and increased class cleavages. The constraints of the free market prevent important social programs the country requires to survive affecting the lower class causing suffering and hardship. Capitalism leads to an increasing rift of inequality within Canadian society. The purpose of this paper is to describe how class conflict affects contemporary capitalism in Canada through an examination of the nature of capitalism, initial implementation of capitalism, a Conservative reaction and an outlook towards the need for capitalism in the future.In order to establish the nature of capitalism in Canada, an examination of the issues involving the problems must be attempted. The problem in Canada is that the capitalist system has led to a dismantling of the welfare state. This is why Canadian governments must focus on the effects of capitalism and work harder on saving Canada's social programs, rather than on trying to develop further capitalist policies. They have to focus on soothing the worst effects of class conflict. This is proving increasingly difficult because of economic globalization."Marxist and Radical Democratic critiques argued that historically and logically, capitalism is tied to the private ownership of the means of production - the right of individuals or corporate entities to the exclusive use of land, money, and labour power. This private ownership encourages wealth to accumulate predominately in one class." (Brodie, pg 55)Another problem arises due to the right wing forces having succeeded in getting the country's attention to focus on the debt. They have done so by cutting back on Canada's social programs. In many respects, the right-wing agenda has made deficits and debts a central issue. While the deficit has obviously created some problems, its real threat is exaggerated by right-wingers. The author James Laxer has shown how all of this is rooted in the political right's tactic to dismantle the welfare state. (Laxer, pg 8-12) In this way, class conflict gets much worse, since government cannot redistribute wealth. A large part of this problem of class conflict in Canada is connected to the fact that free trade has lowered tariffs and bound the economies of the United States and Canada more tightly together. (White, pg 151-153) More than anything else, free trade has also led to more policies of deregulation and privatization in Canada. Marx felt that in capitalism the "real power is not to be found in democratic institutions but instead rests with those who control the means of production." (Brodie, pg 55) In this context, the issue of free trade between Canada and the United States is also connected to globalization in general. The more that Canada's economy becomes immersed in the international market, the more...

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